Sunday, July 18, 2010

Garden, fungi and shootin' fun

Much better.
The boys are hanging out in their pasture.
Probably only because I've spent the last two days
out in the garden though.

Krissy's squash is getting big.

Ate that tomato and another one tonight with dinner
and man were they yummy!

About a dozen of these guys.

Most of my tomato plants have Septoria leaf spot on
the bottom leaves of the plants.
Basically just the right combination of
humidity, heat and rain.

I trimmed them off and did a little pruning today.

I've also been seeing some funky fungi.
No idea what kind it is and
I spent a bit of time surfing on the Internet
looking for answers.

I'm guessing it isn't anything too bad, but
I plan on asking my garden guru friend what she
knows about it when she gets back from a weekend
of camping tomorrow.

My weeding companions today were
Tater and BeeGee.

If they weren't trying to get in my lap I was
tripping over them.

Cute, but annoying after a while.

My two youngest kids spent a few hours target practicing
with their Red Ryder B.B. Guns.
They go through phases where they practice a lot
then don't for six months, then they wonder
what happened to their accuracy.

He was telling me how he got the bulls eye.

Chyann getting a bead on the target.

The Hubby brought out some barrel rests for them.

This kept them occupied until it was pool time.
Colton is at Rock-Fest tonight with a few of his friends.
They got free tickets for going to the fest grounds
and cleaning yesterday morning.
Hope he stays out of trouble.


Dar said...

Nice produce already. Our constant rains have put the brakes on a lot of our stuff. Some even have rotting roots. Oh well.
Your so fortunate to see the Birds Nest Fungi...I have never seen a blue one before. The eggs form from rain droplets hitting the spores and popping them open. So Cool Blue.
Love to see the kids target practicing. There isn't one of our kids or grandloves that doesn't get their chance. They are all avid outdoor sportsmen and gals.
Have a great week of gardening, kidding, and making memories.

Aunt Krissy said...

Cool, so that's a birds nest fungi. Learn something new ech day. Looks like you're taking good care of my veggies for me.

crochet lady said...

Your garden veggies are looking great! I've never seen anything like that fungi before, strange.