Monday, July 12, 2010

Blog vacation is over

Finally got my computer back up and running.

The virus we got had something to do with google toolbar and
my whole hard drive had to be erased. We tried so hard to
avoid doing that.

I've never had anything like this happen before and NEVER
really backed up ANYTHING on my computer.

Thankfully I was able to get all my pictures and important word
documents saved to a thumb drive thing.
Colton's ITunes were lost though.

Now I am using Windows 7.
It's really cool.

Lots of new doodads that I haven't quite figured out yet,
but I will.

And FAST! Holy cow is my computer fast now.

I'm sure having it uncluttered with kid shit probably helps that.

Anyhow we've had a busy week.

I had two job interviews.
One is as a permanent employee at the health insurance company
I previously worked at as a temp and the other is
to be a temp at the insurance place.

Essentially same job at the same place, but
as a perm employee I'd get all the benefits and as a temp
I wouldn't get them.

Oh, and the hours are different, perm shift would be
930a - 6p and temp shift would be 6a - 230p.
Should hear on the perm position by this Friday
and the temp folks said I'd hear by this next Wednesday.

I really want the perm position and will definitely take the temp
one if I don't get the perm position!

I HATE the idea of having to work full time while the kids are
home for summer vacation, but needs must ~right?

We picked up the goats from Krissy on Saturday too.

While there Colton got her future garden area tilled.

And I had the pleasure of stepping on some poison sumac that
was growing up through her porch!
She immediately got out the Jewel weed tincture that she'd
recently made and I put that on the area where blisters were
trying to form.
I tell you that stuff works!
The next day the area felt a little stiff and the skin felt tight, but
I was in much better shape than if I hadn't used her magic potion!
Gotta get me some of that to have here at home.

Instead of putting the baby goats in the big dog box we'd brought

the kids held them on their laps for the ride home.

Chyann's goat, Amber - much better name than she origionally

had picked out, was quiet as a mouse.

Caden's goat, Rootbeer - much better than Snake, was freaking out

and cried the whole way home!!

He was soo loud it hurt your ears!

Poor Caden was so scared.

Sunday the kids put them on leashes and took them for

walks about every 2 hours to get use to the place.

The little buggers love the willow tree and the brush on our

West fence line.

I got those flowers planted too.

I put them behind the garage.

Haven't gotten any woodchips to put down yet.

I have to say I really enjoyed my blog vacation, but

am glad to be back online :)


Anonymous said...

What a sweetie Colton is to first, shovel the manure for the garden, and 2nd for tilling it! There aren't many teenagers these days that would do that. You've got a good kid there.. well, actually 3 good kids!!
glad you are back to blogging.. I missed your posts.

Lisa said...

Glad to have you back! The goats are cuties.

I know what you mean by having needs met. People gotta work to eat. I'd like to know how some people do it on just one income. And I know that these people make less than we do, yet have a better lifestyle than we do (vacations, nicer house etc...)Oh well I'll be happy with what I've got.

PAK ART said...

I'm so glad Krissy's goats went to such a nice home where the kids really like them and will spend time with them...well, at least until they grow up and get all stinky.

Aunt Krissy said...

It looks like the kids are enjoying the goats. I'm also glad that you're back blogging.

@PakArt, goats don't stink. Well, yicky bucks do, but not my babies.

crochet lady said...

Oh that's a funny pic of the goat and Caden!

Hope you get the job you want.

Anonymous said...

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