Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Calves and garden stuff

The calves continue to go romping out in the yard.
In this picture they are close to their pen,
enjoying the forbidden backyard while the other
cows look on.

Don't think I ever said, but the kids

named the new bull calf Cinnamon.

My garden continues to thrive.

I need to get out and trim the bottom leaves off some

of the tomato plants because they are turning yellow

due to all the rain/mildew.

The pepper plants are really bigger than they look in this picture.
We've actually been able to eat about 5 banana peppers already.
Got a few green peppers that are almost ready too.

The squash is delicious.
I already know I'm going to have WAY too much of that
so look out friends, you are about to be loaded up with it!
Onions are looking good also.

My favorite apple tree is really loaded.
The branches are just drooping from the weight
Hope none of them break.

Eight-ball likes to help lighten the load by
eating the apples.

The sunflowers are just ginormous!

I'm going to have to trim back Krissy's squash.
It is trying to drown my purple and yellow beans.

Can't believe it's already mid-July.
Once again time is going too quickly.
We sure have been enjoying ourselves though.


Lisa said...

Wow! That's not my garden, that's for sure. Most people's garden's here are not even close to having any harvest on it yet. It must have to do with no rain for most of the year.

Dar said...

Your garden is 2die4, looking absolutely fabulous. I did finally pick my first snap pea and have been eating plenty of spinach, lettuce, radishes and an occasional bean. You are way far ahead of ours tho. Some of ours got flooded out. Carrots, winter squash and pumpkins for the 2nd year are doubtful.
Your little calves make me miss my hobby farming. I loved calving and lambing season. They are the coolest.
Have a Great 2nd half of a July
I cannot believe summer is going so fast either.

Aunt Krissy said...

Wow! When you said that my squash was going crazy I really had no idea how wild it had gotten! It must be all that cow poop!

PAK ART said...

Your garden is so green! Who weeds? You, the kids, or hubby? I'm afraid I don't have what it takes to grow a good garden because I HATE to weed.

tainterturtles said...

OMG Kellie, your garden plants are so big. Must be all that poop you add in the spring. Did you grow habenaro peppers?

Kellie said...

I am pretty much the sole weeder here. The kids will come out and after a bit will have to get a drink/go to the bathroom/think the phone is ringing/need food, etc and don't come back. I'd say it's almost a full time job!

And yes TT I've got habenaro's planted. You are sure welcome to some when they are ready.