Wednesday, November 25, 2015

This and that...

Starting today I have five whole days off.
A little vacation. Aaaaah. It is going to be wonderful.

Ol' mother nature may be throwing us a curve ball for Thanksgiving though.
Supposed to rain this evening turning over to freezing rain in the early AM and then start SNOWING. Possibly up to 4" and right about the time of our travel. It might work out better to do our celebration on Friday instead. We'll play it by ear I guess since we all know forecasts do change.

Even though it's hunting season Chyann and I went for a ride yesterday afternoon. We had the best time. Just her and I talking about everything under the sun. I hope we can do it again soon.

Speaking of horses. Scotch is quite the Houdini. Somehow that bad boy is going through the fence everyday this week, sometimes multiple times a day. He never goes far, knock on wood, but its a pain in the ass. Apparently the Hubby needs to turn the electric fence back on. Give him a little zap as incentive to quit going through the fence.

I'm sure you've heard about coconut oil and what an wonder product it is. It's uses range from cooking, lip and skin conditioning to eye make up remover and is a natural sunscreen. I purchased some a few months ago and then pretty much forgot I had it until I was searching for recipes to use up the 18 frozen bananas I had in the freezer. You absolutely have to try this recipe for Banana Chocolate swirl cake! It is hands down the best cake I've ever made and yes it calls for coconut oil in both the cake and glaze. Now that I know cooking with coconut oil is easy and see how it adds just a little something extra to your recipes I'm definitely going to be cooking with it on a regular basis. I also made 4 loaves of banana bread and managed to used up all 18 frozen bananas. We finally have some room in my kitchen freezer again.

Hope you all have a wonderful holiday!
later :)


Ami said...

I don't have horses, just a little Yaris. And when Lyssa and I go anywhere together, we have wonderful conversations. I missed that so much over the last year.

Be safe out there, the weather is crazy and so are a lot of other drivers. :)

Nicole said...

So did you get that snow? Seems like the weather all around the country has been weird this fall...