Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Pet peeves - texting a persuasive essay

Yes it's true texting is now a basic way of communicating in our modern world.

I do text, but with my breath held.

My problem with texting is that the intent of any given text can easily be misconstrued. This fact is true whether you are the text sender or receiver.
You can't hear a persons voice and discern their tone; therefore when I get a text I usually read it multiple times trying to determine the intent - Was that meant to be nice? Was it bitchy? Was that mean? Just what is this person trying to say? WTF

Not to mention there is just something about texting that makes people brave. They'll send texts to friends when they are upset (or drunk) about some random bullshit thing with content that they'd never have the balls to say to that persons face. What's up with that? Grow the fuck up people.
If you really have a problem or issue with someone your best bet to resolve an issue is to confront that person face to face and if that is not possible the text sender needs to consider their words carefully before sending their text because you can really damage a relationship otherwise.

And lets not forget the amazing wonder of auto correct. OMG. 9 times out of 10 you end up looking like an idiot when you text because of what auto correct thinks you are trying to say.


Hello people! Why no greeting when you text? Isn't it customary to say Hello or Hi such and such before whatever the gist of your conversation is about? Is that lazy, rude, a show of contempt or just part of our contemporary culture?

I will concede that sending a text may be appropriate at times vs making a telephone call, but really if you want to talk to me your best option is just call.

Pick up the phone and hit that other button - let me hear your voice and you can hear mine. This way we'll avoid any miss communication, not ruffle anyone's tender sensibilities and we can connect on a personal level. Isn't that a better option? Actually hearing a friends laugh rather than reading lol?

Besides all that I an not one of those people who are connected to their phone and almost never have it in my hand or even nearby me so I wont realize you sent a text, but I will hear the damn phone ring!


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Nicole said...

I send my friends random texts all the time without a formal greeting first.... I like texting because even if they are at work, they'll get what I'm saying and I won't interrupt them.