Saturday, November 21, 2015

Saturday AM coffee

It's been quite a week. 

Technology is amazing and wonderful when it works. 
I logged onto my work computer Monday morning to find that the system updates that were pushed to it had not loaded properly and ended up completely corrupting it.
Which after many hours on the phone and two trips into the office resulted in getting a new computer shipped to me on Tuesday. 
A new computer sounds great right? It did have most of the programs I needed, but seriously it took about four hours to set up. What a pain in the buns I tell you.

Sure it's mid November and the weather was bound to turn more seasonal, but I wasn't ready for it. 
Still no snow. A few flurries here and there. Damn it's cold though and the wind. Freaking howled for a few days there. 

The neighbor finally harvested the corn next door too. 
View from my office window when they were cutting.
Unfortunately it is the start of gun deer season so I probably wont be venturing far on the ride I plan on taking today. 

Caden started wrestling on Tuesday and had the time of his life. I should have taken a picture of his face, he has some nice scrapes and cuts. Wrestling is definitely not for the faint of heart. Somehow he and the Hubby ended up bringing home a 13x13 foot wrestling mat. No idea where we are going to put that heavy sucker. The Hubby says he is going to put it in the basement. Make a gym workout area down there. Ok, let me know how that goes. We've had several different basement remodel ideas over the years and none of them have panned out. 

Colton being the low man on the totem pole at work is not getting much time off around Thanksgiving. We are planning on going to River Falls to spend what little time he has off together.  With any luck he'll be able to come home for an extended period over the Christmas holiday break. He hasn't been home for over three months now. Almost as long as when he went to Europe last spring. 

Speaking of River Falls. 
Remember when I came back from AK two years ago I had a serious hankering for Tillamock cheese? Well I have been dreaming about that damn cheese again so I got online an looked it up. Come to find out the store Colton works in actually carries it! So yes I'll be making a stop there to stock up on the most delicious cheese! I am hoping its just as good as what I remember and will be making this favorite



Anonymous said...

I'm at the library now. Was busy at work the other few days. i have been going up to Balsam Lake and training up there (me teach?! ha ha ) I agree with the text thing! drives me crazy that it's hard to talk to someone now with out them checking the phone for a text!

I got a real phone the other day! It's at home charging. I think I might need to go to a class on how to work it! and how to text! s I do not know how. I'm so not with it!


tainterturtles said...

Tillamock cheese? Never heard of it Kellie. Have fun visiting Colton for Thanksgiving.