Sunday, November 8, 2015


always go too fast. 
We've been cutting and splitting wood, the weather has been perfect for working outside. Only problem has been the ticks. Those buggers never quite died off with the mild temps. We've all had a few and the dogs even more. Ish. Ticks are just nasty. 

The guy who has corn on the fields around us is supposed to be getting it harvested sometime this next week. I can hear them in the fields to the South and am looking forward to them finishing up so we can ride back there before deer hunting begins and the weather gets crappy. 

Are you going black Friday shopping this year?
I've been invited to go with a friend, but don't feel the enthusiasm to do it that most folks have. 
The one time I went a few years back, yes it was fun but damned if it didn't seem to take me the rest of the weekend to recover from staying up all night. Plus I didn't feel like the deals I got were really all that good. So I'm not sure if I'll go. I guess some of it will depend if Colton comes home or not. If he's here I'd like to be here as well. 

Have a good one - I'm heading out to chuck some wood :)


Anonymous said...

Bill had a tick burrow inside his arm when he was in MN! one day he was looking at this arm and it was crawling out... gross!! he did a round of antibiotics in case for Lyme disease...

Ami said...

No Black Friday for me... no way would I save enough money to pay for my bail.