Saturday, November 14, 2015

Saturday AM coffee

It's in all the news. The attacks in Paris.
All I could think was how thankful I was that my son was not there.
Our local news stated there were several college study abroad programs in Paris this semester and the schools were trying to find out the students status. Even thinking about it I get chills.
An awful tragedy for so many people. Its a scary world we are living in folks.


We've got a bit of a bug going through the house this week. No one is quite up to snuff. Which is how that works I think. Our propane furnace is on the fritz and we don't have much wood in the basement. So apparently at some point, regardless of how we are feeling the wood is going in. Sure am glad the weather continues to be mild.


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Ami said...

I hope everyone feels better soon. I hate it when we're sick around here. Ughhh.

I am glad your son wasn't anywhere near Paris.
I'm disgusted and horrified that religion is behind this. It used to be they had to use horses and swords. Now they have technology.

Sick. Sick sick sick.