Saturday, November 7, 2015

Saturday AM coffee

Good Morning!

It's been a while right?
Many computer problems and the lack of desire to attempt a post from my phone were leading obstacles in my lack of posts. I like to type rather than one finger poke to write. Not to mention autocorrect on the phone would have likely made for some awful stuff lol

Anyhow it's November. 
We are continuing to enjoy mild weather. We had an evening last week where rain turned to snow briefly, but that has been the extent of winter so far.  Last night the Hubby fired up the wood furnace for the first time this year just to try it out. Fingers crossed the snow and cold holds off for another month. 

What else is going on...

I got a text just this morning from the lady who bought Casper and she says he is an amazing mini. Her family loves him. Was so nice to hear from her. I still miss seeing him when I look out at the horses. 

Scotch enjoying a nap the other day. 

Colton turned the big 23. We went to see him last weekend and really enjoyed spending time with him. 
While waiting for Chyann to arrive I played around with my camera and the timer. 

Handsome guy if I don't say so myself.

The idea was to get a family picture taken. 
EVERYONE knew this but no one chose to dress up.
Be who you are I suppose. 
However now Chyann says she doesn't want me to use the pictures we took for the xmas card cuz she didn't do her hair. 
OY oy oy....
Guess she'd better hope Colton is able to come home for Thanksgiving so we can do another, otherwise we are sticking with the ones we took.

Wrestling starts in earnest very soon.  I think we are all excited about that. 

That is all for now. 
Enjoy your Saturday :)


Nicole said...

I'm so glad you still do Christmas cards. The other day on facebook I found a deal on Friends if it was filmed in 2015. It addressed the episode where Mona wanted to do a Holiday card with Ross but he didn't feel like they were there yet. It said that people don't send Christmas cards out in 2015. Um... I do... but what ever. I am glad to hear other people do too.

Ami said...

I think the pictures look great. And unless you're sending the cards to HER friends, no one is going to care about how her hair looks. :)

I miss seeing Casper on your posts, too. But I'm glad he's doing well in his new home and that they love him.

And nice to hear from you!!!

Anonymous said...

I like your hair!! you are looking great