Monday, November 9, 2015

The ban has been lifted....

Approximately 26 years ago a ban on chili was placed upon our house.

A ban you ask? Yes a ban stating no chili would be made here.

The story goes something like this.....

Once upon a time a young gal graduated from high school and moved in with her boyfriend. Attempting to be an awesome girlfriend the girl cooked dinner for the boyfriend every night.

The boyfriend though this was great, at first.

Unfortunately the girlfriend only knew how to make three meals: chili, fried pork chops with boiled potatoes and corn, meat loaf with boiled potatoes and green beans. Ordering pizza or take out didn't count as "cooking".

For whatever reason growing up she fought her own Mother tooth and nail to escape the kitchen at every opportunity. Not realizing that her Mother had valuable information to impart regarding the preparation and cooking of food. Of course the young gal realized her folly in a very short time, but being the age she was she just couldn't call Mom up and say "Help me please!"

As you can imagine those three meals got old quickly. The young gal attempted many many different variations of the three meals but did not meet with a lot of success. The boyfriend tired of the same three meals and sometimes awful experiments, he said enough of these three meals!

Hence the chili ban. Course pork chops, meat loaf and boiled potatoes were also banned, but those bans were of short duration. Not chili though.

Time passed as it does - The young gal swallowed her pride and received assistance from her Mother. She bought tons of cook books. Watched many cooking shows. From which she has managed to evolve into a damn decent cook much to the now husbands delight.

Fast forward through the years to yesterday: it is early evening and after working outside for a good chunk of the day I am pondering dinner. Something easy. Something warm. I am struck with an idea - freaking chili! To hell with the chili ban I'm making chili and I did.

It was delicious. Even the Hubby declared that it was. We laughingly declared the chili ban finally over.


As we all know history is bound to repeat itself in some cases. Our darling daughter will be leaving us in the spring for college and her life. I try and try to encourage/request her assistance in the kitchen, but she like the younger me, is not interested. Sigh. She too will learn the hard way no doubt.



Anonymous said...

That's funny stuff.... you are a great cook! Chyann will learn eventually too and I know you will be there to help!
have a great week.


Ami said...

This is such a good time of year for chili.
Yum. Making me hungry, even at 5 AM. :)

I didn't know how to cook either.
My mom's cooking was opening cans and boxes and I didn't spend any time at all with her in the kitchen.
My husband, however *was* a cook.
We muddled through. Now I am a good cook.
You should come over for dinner.