Monday, November 16, 2015

A matter of opinion

When your child is born you get in idea what color their eyes are and within a few weeks can say yes my child has blue eyes with confidence.
All my kids have blue eyes.
Imagine my surprise when I find a document, one of those you fill out to describe your person for identification purposes, that has my daughter proclaiming she has green eyes!?!
WTF? Green eyes?
So I asked her about it. She says "Mom my eyes have always been green. I don't know why you think they are blue." Well ok then.
I still say she has blue eyes.

Since Caden got into sports a few years ago wearing jeans has fallen to the wayside. He favors sweatpants and/or shorts throughout the seasons - rain, shine, snow whatever.
He typically will have one pair of jeans to wear at any given time, which always seemed to be on the edge of too small since he rarely wears them.
Anyhow with him participating in choir and band this year he has already had quite few instances of needing to dress up. I bought him three new jean and shirt outfits to wear.
Now to me wearing jeans is a wardrobe staple. Levis are my jean of choice and since they are spendy those babies are treated tenderly.
Washed only once every few wearings and hung dry - never put in the dryer. They are hung with the seams together at the leg and I make sure that crease from bottom to top is even so when they are dry you have a nice crease without having to iron them. I did Caden's new jeans just like that.
The other morning he is getting dressed and comes into my office carrying a pair of jeans and asking me if there is any way to get this weird crease out of his pant legs because he just doesn't like the way they look.
OMG really? A crease in your jean legs is the only way to wear nice jeans. He shakes his head and says "I don't think so Mom".

Well I suppose they can have their opinions.


Ami said...

It's funny that you brought up the jeans. I was hanging mine up yesterday after they came out of the dryer and pondering how much easier it is now, since when I was in high school, I IRONED them. Nice crease down the front of those bell bottoms. :)

Both my children had BLUE BLUE eyes. Which turned to hazel.

Nicole said...

hehe... my husband calls my eyes breen or grown but on all paperwork they are brown :). haha. And I'm with you... I prefer the crease! Just get your jeans starched and you'll learn!