Sunday, October 11, 2015

Sunday morning coffee

Today Caden is the big 13!
Hard to believe right?

I'm making him cinnamon rolls for his birthday breakfast and his request for dinner is anything BUT Mexican. Poor kid apparently thinks we eat too much Mexican lol

We are enjoying a nice warm spell this weekend. 
Supposed to get up to 80* today. Probably the last time we'll see this kind of warmth until next summer. 
I'll have the horses out mowing again. 
The other day Dodger and Dozer eyed them warily from the back porch. Just waiting for one of them to make a move so they'd have an excuse to go bark at them and maybe get a little chase game going.

Both the kids did the state required hunter safety program the previous two weeks and completed their field day yesterday. They passed and are glad to have it behind them. 

I leave you with this gorgeous sunset picture from last night. 

Have a good one :)


Nikker said...

Happy Birthday Caden!
Mmm, mmm, mmmm!! What a fantastic idea for birthday breakfast!
Love the picture of the dogs watching the horses through the screen door! Fun! (0:

Nicole said...

That was a gorgeous sunset. How can he be that old. I swear time is speeding up... tell it to slow down please!