Sunday, August 30, 2015

Sunday Morning coffee

Last week is just a blur, it went by so fast.

Baseball practices and baseball games.
One win and one loss this weekend.
Caden bunted for the first time.
He got out, but it allowed one runner in.
Baseball involves a lot more strategy than you would ever think. 

Caden running back to the dugout.

A boy on his team was up to bat and got hit in the elbow by the ball.
His folks took him right to the ER.
Haven't heard what the damage was officially, but at the time they thought he had a broken elbow.
Dang right?

I've been going to take pictures of these apple trees, that are only a few miles from our house, for the last month and finally did it yesterday.

I don't remember any storm that we've had this summer with the power to lay these two trees over like that.
Pretty incredible.

They are both still alive and have some delicious apple on them.

We got Colton all moved back to college as well.
I was picturing his apartment to be something out of Animal House, but it wasn't at all - thankfully. His two roommates seem quite nice too.

That's all I've got for the day.
Have a good one!


Nicole said...

Holy crap! So sorry about those trees. Dang, you just made me remember I was supposed to look at my stupid apple trees for my grandma.... oy! To much to do not enough time..... oy!

Nikker said...

I'm a month or more behind on reading! But had to post YIKES! Cannot believe those trees were laid down so perfectly and are still alive! Amazing!!