Sunday, August 23, 2015

Sunday morning coffee

As warm as it was yesterday - 80*,  it's feeling down right chilly this morning at only 55* and windy.
Definitely a hint of things to come. 

We never discovered the source of our skunk stench, but I tell you the smell has lingered all weekend long. 

Baseball updates. 

The boys' first game on Friday evening started out with my heart in my throat as Caden was the first one up to bat. I was down at the other end of the field taking pictures and the Hubby was right behind home plate. He said you could see Caden's foot shaking from nerves. Unfortunately he struck out, but really came back and hit well his other five times up to bat with multiple runners batted in. 

His team ended up winning 13 to 2!
A good start to this fall league.
Sliding into home!

Video of him batting.

Next day was a whole different ball game tho.
The boys were in the outfield first and the pitcher they had up walked six boys before the coach called a team timeout on the mound. Where he told Caden he was going to pitch. 
AGAIN my heart went to my throat. 
Caden pitched once this last season for the school team and did well, but that was only 45 feet and in this league it is a whopping 70 feet. Huge difference right? Plus pitching downhill from the mound and there is actually a referee standing behind by the mound to make sure you are pitching correctly. 
Caden finished pitching that first inning. 
He allowed two more runs, but managed to hold the other team with no more runs allowed in the second and third innings that he pitched. 
The kid did excellent!
I was super proud of him!
I didn't get many pictures because I figured seeing your mom up against the fence when you were pitching for the first time would be way too distracting. 
You can see him up on the mound here though and the ref off to the left of him.

It was incredibly windy too.
The boys would hit the ball and I swear the wind held it aloft forever!
Which of course allowed for any pop up balls to be easily caught. 

The team rallied and managed to come back within striking distance of winning in the last inning.
Picture it:
The score is 8 to 6 with two outs. Two runners on base and Caden comes up to bat.
This story could only end one of two ways:
Caden gets a monster home run and they win 9 to 8 OR Caden gets a solid base hit which is easily tossed to second base getting that runner out. 

Unfortunately it was the second option. 
So they lost 8 to 6.
But damn it was a good game!

In other news Colton got a job in River Falls and we'll be moving him there to his apartment towards the end of this week. 

I am still working on getting my tomatoes done. 
Last batch of salsa this morning.

later :)


Ami said...

I am sooo relating to you not wanting to bug your kid while he's playing ball. I didn't bring my camera to Matt's games when he was a kid for the same reason. And wow, I really regret that now. :) At least you're bringing your camera!!!

Your canning is embarrassing me. I haven't done any canning in ages, and I really should. Love home made preserves especially blackberry. Yummmm.

Nicole said...

I'll bet Colton likes the apartment better than Dorm life. Dorms are fun but only for so long... then it gets real old real fast :)