Friday, August 14, 2015


YAY for Friday!

I got 10 pints of salsa done yesterday - five Chyna sweet and five medium. For the medium I added cumin and boy did that make the flavor pop! Even my eager salsa tasters liked the new taste so I'll be trying that again.

In addition to the salsa I did three quarts of baby kosher dills. This is the first year that I've tried this recipe for canning whole pickles. I hope they are good.
Pretty tough getting the cukes when they are small 2-3 inches. They grow so fast that if you don't check the plants everyday all you'll find when you look are monster cukes three inches around and seven inches long. Not at all what you are looking for in a good pickle so I turn those babies into pickle relish.

Today is Colton's last day of work. He'll have a week or so of cleaning packing up his room to move back to college. He is planning on living in an apartment instead of the dorms this year and THAT my friends includes signing an actual lease for twelve months. You realize that means this is probably the last time he'll "live at home". I suppose it had to happen sometime. sigh...

We never made it to 90* yesterday - too much cloud cover, but we might do it today. It's already mid 70's with beautiful blue skies and not even 9a yet. I foresee lots of time in the pool this weekend.

Have a good one :)



Ami said...

It's awfully hard to say goodbye when the kids move out.
I understand it's even MORE difficult to have them come back. ;)
Apparently I'm going to find out what that's like in a couple months. Lyssa is coming home. She says.

Nicole said...

You might get lucky he'll never move home again, but don't start counting on it yet. ha! I moved back in with my parents for a while after I graduated. haha. So I think Cumin smells like BO. ha! Mark says I've ruined that smell for him hehe. We still cook with it but that's just what it reminds me of.