Sunday, August 9, 2015

Sunday Morning reminicing

Did you know we haven't hit 90* at all this summer?
We've had a few days that were forecast to be that hot, but never quite made it.
There have been several days of seriously nasty humidity that made it feel a whole lot hotter than 90* though.
We've had enough consistent rain that I haven't had to water my garden once, which has been really nice.
All the trees we planted at the end of April are doing pretty well too.
At last count we'll have to replant about 11. Which considering we planted 70 trees that were barely bigger than a pencil is not bad.

A few pictures from this week.
The patch of tiger lily's are blooming and look gorgeous.  

Dodger wants to play ball with Caden and his friends.
He will pick an apple from one of the trees, bring it to the side of the pool and drop it in. Then he will wait and wait for the boys to throw it out. Silly dog.

I read today that my old school in Cold Bay has closed.
Hard to believe that there are really so few people with children living in that town.
In my minds eye it was always a bustling little metropolis, but I guess in reality it never was. Just my kid perception on the place where I grew up and couldn't wait to see the last of.
Like most kids I was in a hurry to grow up and get gone.
Of course looking back I kick myself in the ass for not slowing down and enjoying childhood/life in the unique place that it was.
Check out the below article about the school closing and the town. Very good article that illustrates what life is like on the Alaskan Aleutian chain. 

The boy featured in the article is actually the son of a boy I went to school with. His family has been there the longest of any I think.

Did you see those orange lockers? 
I member thinking they were so cool. I scratched my name in mine on the inside. I wonder if it's still there? I bet it is as most of the chairs, tables and other furniture I recognize from back in the day.

When we first moved there the school didn't have a gym so for PE we'd push all the desks to one side of the room to do our activity in the center. 
On my very first day Mr Scheidler had us all do sit ups and other exercises. For some reason I remember doing 110! I could hardly walk for days afterwards my gut was so sore! But hey being the new kid I had to do the most. I think there was 10 of us kids from sixth through 12th grade at that time. Which was considered a lot. In fact my graduating class was one of the biggest in school history - there were 5 of us who graduated in 1989.
The teachers we had during my time there were amazing. They made learning fun and we all had individual attention to ensure we learned what was expected. 
Where else could you ride your three wheeler to and from school?

Have a good week :)


Ami said...

That was a really interesting article.
I understand wanting to get away from somewhere like that when you're a kid, but it looks like a great place to go now, as an adult. :)

Nikker said...

I agree with Ami, it was a good article. It makes me a little sad to read stuff like this. Things like towns dwindling down to nothing... )0: I bet your name is still in there! We had grey lockers, so I think "yours" are cool too!! LOL!!

Nicole said...

So where is Cold bay?