Sunday, August 2, 2015

Lake fun

We spent yesterday with friends at a lake North of here.
It was great change of pace for a Saturday.
The weather was perfect and the water was warm.

Our friends graciously accepted the challenge of teaching Caden to water ski.
We got in the water to help him get the skis on and assist him getting up.

A few key things to know when learning how to water ski:
1 - knees together
2 - let the boat pull you up
3 - let go of the rope if you fall
4 - let go of the rope if you get scared
5 - repeat the above steps until you figure it out

and he did repeat the steps for almost an hour.

He was up for about 10 seconds on this third attempt!

However most of his attempts looked like a big splash lol

BUT my boy did get it figured out!
Look at him go!

Afterwards he was completely worn out, but totally hooked on water skiing and already asking when are we going again.

I almost tried it too, but decided it would be a bad move with my sore shoulder. 
Next time.

I've got tomato's, green beans and cucumbers ready from the garden.
They are amazing!
I am going to do up some pickles and green beans today.

later :)


Nikker said...

Looks like a fantastic time!!!

Nicole said...

I've always heard the next attempt at water skiing after your first, you'll have even better luck. So lucky he got to try that. I haven't tried water skiing since I was in my early 20's.