Monday, August 3, 2015

First batches

A few of my sunflowers are open and looking gorgeous!

Yesterday afternoon and today after work I got my first batches of sweet and spicy pickles, spicy dilly beans and brussel sprouts canned up.
It was about the last thing I felt like doing, but damned if I was going to let them go to waste so I got it done.

Cooler than average temps this week feel like September instead of the dog days of summer.
I'd rather be sweating than cool this time of year; winter will be here soon enough.

Speaking of winter, have you noticed the shorter days yet?
ish right.

Tonight the Hubby decided to do Scotch's hooves while we had a few free minutes. So I'm holding him leaning up against the hitching post gawking around when I see the funniest sight ever. 
Picture it (cuz I didn't have any cameras handy): Dozer who had went to bed with Colton totally tangled up in Colton's bedroom blinds! He had all his paws in different slats and his head through another slat! Barking and whining to come outside with us.
Colton had left his room for a moment and had no idea the surprise he'd come back to lol
I figured our luck he'd fall through the screen which he was straining against, but nope it held. 
Only good screen in the house apparently.
How do those damn things get holes in them?
I don't have little kids poking fingers through to explore anymore so it is definitely a mystery.
Every summer I end up replacing about half the screens in the house. 
I'm practically an expert now.

later alligator


Nikker said...

That sounds hilarious!
I have too noticed the shorter days... This summer has been hot,dry, and miserable here. On one hand I'm so sad for the shorter days, but I'm really hoping that fall and winter are wet! It really stinks here right now! /0:

Did you get your hay in yet??

Nicole said...

Isn't it times like that you really wish you had your camera ready?