Saturday, August 1, 2015

Saturday AM coffee

 Did you get out last night and see the Blue Moon?
It was incredibly bright.

Then this morning a gorgeous sunrise. 
The light pole in the yard looks quite odd all covered in grape vines.
Almost like a character from a Dr Seuss book.

No idea what I was doing up so early this morning since it felt like I hardly slept last night.
There was no sweet spot to be found for rest as the long forgotten injury of bursitis in my left shoulder has flared up for no damn good reason and talked to me allll night long.

Can you believe it is August already?
The school sent out a newsletter yesterday filled with important events for this coming school year - which starts on September 1st. 
It's official GRADUATION DAY is Friday May 20th at 715pm sharp!

We are already talking grad party plans.
Chyann is thinking walking tacos for the main food and then your usual sweets like cake and cookies.
Sounds pretty easy, but we'll see if it changes between now and then.

My to do list of shit to get done before her graduation has grown instead of getting smaller.
How does that work?
I can picture it now: we do everything in the two weeks before May 20th.
Cuz that's about how we roll.

Happy Saturday to you!
 It's going to be gorgeous here today and we've got to savor these days while they last.


Ami said...

I work best under pressure and with a deadline.
Good luck. :)

And what the hell is a walking taco?

Anonymous said...

yeh..I'm with Ami....what is a "walking" taco?

Can't believe she is going to be graduating already!
time flies.


Nikker said...

We tried to see the blue moon, but due to all the forest fires, ours was red/orange. Chad said it looked more like a harvest moon to him...I said it looked more like a horror film moon. Either way, we were robbed!!

Yikes!! The count down has begun! (0:

Nicole said...

You need to sleep woman :). that moon was pretty! If everything goes on schedule, I graduate next spring to... HOLY CRAP! Plan my party too won't you please :)