Thursday, September 3, 2015


First day of school.
Caden is a 7th grader.
Chyann is a senior.

Best way to bushwack your daughter who is a SENIOR to getting her picture taken IN THE SCHOOL is to give the camera to a friend of hers who just happens to be walking by.
Only thing to do is smile lol
You can almost see her thoughts - damn it MOM, did you have to do this again?!?!
The answer to that is abs-o-fucking-lutely!

Got the kids checked in and we went to breakfast where we reminisced on years past first days of school. We've taken the kids to the first day of school every year they've been going (the Hubby has only missed one year). I got a little teary several times. Man time is going so fast.  

After breakfast we picked Chyann up and escorted her to UW Stout where she registered for the college courses that she'll take during her senior year. 
How cool is that?!?!
We couldn't be more proud of her. She is a wonder I tell you.
An amazing young lady who has the potential to do any thing she wants in this world. 

Freshly printed Stout student ID! 
Officially a member of the student body - WOW!

She'll only be at the high school a few hours a day and spend the remainder of her day at the college.

Which means no band.
I can't get over her not being in band - all my kids are in band - but taking the college courses are a priority for her. OK, ok. I will adjust, but I was so looking forward to both her and Caden being in the parade next weekend. Guess that means she'll just have to sit with me and the Hubby for the first time in ages.

Colton started his fourth year yesterday at UWRF.
So far so good. 
We are going to visit him this weekend. 
Miss him tons already.

In other news we had a hell of a storm yesterday which knocked the power out multiple times while I was working. What a pain in the ass. Strange storm though. Light rain with huge blasts of thunder and lightning - the thunder seriously, knocked vitamin bottles off the bread box in the kitchen and knocked over several pictures that were in windowsills. Then seemed to move out only to be replaced with strong winds and downpours. We ended up getting almost six inches of rain which of course washed out a portion of the drive way and flooded the barn. damn. 

later :)

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Nicole said...

It's good she's getting some college classes out of the way that way :). That's awesome that you took them to school every year. I'm not sure my parents even took me every year in grade school. Just how it worked out. And yes her picture does tell a story, but tough shit. ha! She'll appreciate it some day!