Friday, August 21, 2015

Smells like......


Laying in bed this morning I was awakened by that unmistakable stench of skunk.
The house seems to be permeated with the smell.
It was quite cool yesterday and those cool temps made for good sleeping weather so I left a few windows open. Big mistake apparently.
All the windows are open now and fans are running to assist in blowing this fowl air out. Either this method is not working to remove the smell or my sinus/nasal passages are imprinted with the stench as I can still smell it quite strongly. A walk around the place revealed no carcass which would explain the continued poisoning of my air.
Man it's just freaking awful!
ish! gag! shudder! repeat!!

We've had a busy week filled with all kinds of fun:

Caden in the batting cage during practice.
First game for his team is tonight.
I'm excited!

Colton and his buddies hung out and did some shooting.
It's always fun to have the big boys over and hear how their lives are taking shape since they got out of high school. 

Chyann did some horse riding. 
Jennifer was a complete ass so Chyann didn't have much fun.
I think Jennifer is one of those horses that has to be worked more frequently to maintain her brains.
Whereas Gypsy and Scotch are the kind of horses that you could ride once every six months and still have a decent ride. 

Senior meetings, schedule planning and school shopping is done. Now the count down is on for the first day. 

We had several inches of chilly cool rain earlier in the week which split a good majority of my tomatoes. I've been canning them up all week and hopefully will get the last of it done today before the game, so I'd better get busy.

Have a good weekend :)


Nikker said...

I hate skunks! My old dog was sprayed 3 times in his life with me. Once was from about 6 inches away. It was a young skunk and he had his nose right up it's hinney when it let fire. (I'm pretty sure he mistook it for one of the barn cats...) I can still TASTE that smell...

Nicole said...

hmmm... part of me is jealous you can open windows like that but yuck... skunk! See we only have 1 set of windows in our entire house. (berm house).