Saturday, July 25, 2015

Saturday AM coffee

Wheeler ball is officially over. 
The boys had a great weekend playing up against teams that had boys 13 and 14 years old. 
Winning one game and loosing three, but two of the games they only lost by one or two runs. 
So really they played amazingly for a bunch of 12 year old boys!

The field had eagle nests in a few of the lights.
I tell you those baby's are loud!

Some of the boys resting between games in the shade checking out the eagles flying around.

Exciting slide into home for Caden!
Do you see the ball coming?

How about here?
It is about four inches from his left fore arm.
Even though he got hit by the ball he was safe as his feet had already slid onto home plate!

The result of getting hit by a fast flying ball is lace stamps on his arm which swelled up and was sore as hell for a few days. 

We continue to have copious amounts of rain weekly. 
Mowing seems to be a never ending chore, but we get it done and the place sure looks nice for a day or two until its time to mow again.

One of the storms we had last week scared the crap out of me. I was sure we'd have a tornado. The thunder and lightning were phenomenal and I swear I heard that freight train howl too.  
Scary stuff I tell you.

Ol' Dodge waiting for someone to come play ball with him.
He has pretty much picked all the low hanging apples from all the trees already.

Bunka and a few of her babies.

Any how.. 
A quiet weekend with no plans awaits us, imagine that.
later :)


Ami said...

A weekend with NOTHING looming? Enjoy that. You know they're rare.
The action shots are great, the levitating ball is impressive.

I heard the freight train here once. Went right up the street and touched down just across the Columbia River in Vancouver. It sounded *exactly* like a train, too. I had heard that story for years and it's completely true. Glad nothing happened to you or yours.

Nikker said...

Yikes! That must have been a heck of a storm!
Enjoy your quiet weekend!

Nicole said...

okay you got some really great shots there of the ball game!