Saturday, March 1, 2014

The FIRST of March

Did you know that today is the start of meteorological spring?
Yes it's true.
Obviously that doesn't mean much at this point as we were below zero again this morning and don't expect to make it much past 5* today, but next week? Our fortunes may be turning since towards the weekend the forecast is actually showing that we could hit 30* and only have overnight temps about zero instead of the crazy double digits below zero we've had for much of last week. I'll take it!

Not a lot new around here.

I've had a head cold/sinus thing going on much of the week. Slowly getting over that.
Took Caden in for a physical and he got some regular childhood vaccinations. He had a moderate reaction to the dtap. More specifically the tetanus in that shot. His poor arm got so swollen, turned red, sore and achy.
Last time I had a tetanus shot - back in 2003 my arm swelled up to about the size of a baseball and got red/streaky down my arm. The docs don't recommend me getting one again unless there are special circumstances where the benefits out weigh the risks. At this time I'm thinking Caden wont get another one either.

I got all excited yesterday when Colton told me that he was going to do an open mic performance at his school the end of this month! He'll sing and play a minimum of three songs on his guitar. If there is anyway possible I'm going to be there to see that! I'm just thrilled to hear that he is going to do more musically. He's got such natural talent and ability that I hate to see him not use it, at least occasionally.

Today is the end of season basketball bowling party and it's time to get moving.

Have a good day :)


tainterturtles said...

Wow, that's cool that Colton will be doing an open mic....hope you can be there to listen.

Nicole said...

I didn't know that about March 1. I know that Spring begins March 21 :). One of my old high school friend's birthdays. Yup I remember birthdays, I'm weird :)