Saturday, March 22, 2014

The color yellow and Spring

So it's officially Spring!
To me Spring is the color yellow. Fresh, bright and happy.
Yellow is my favorite feel good color, there is just something about it that soothes me.
From yellow paint, yellow shirts, yellow flowers, lemonade, whatever - let it be yellow.
If we ever build a house or re-do the siding on this one I want it to be yellow.
My Mom says I love yellow houses because I grew up in two of them. Maybe.
I'm thinking about re-doing my kitchen yellow with red and white accents.

And yes it's time to start thinking about our summer plans.
Baseball, summer jobs for the kids, camping, trips, and riding horses - all that fun stuff that makes summer fly right by. Then add in the projects that need to get done this summer like repainting the garage door, shutters on the house, the porch, maybe the barn, a new roof, new carpet, clearing out the basement, the garden, flowerbeds, the lawn, planting trees, cleaning the barns, resurfacing the driveway. Just thinking about all of it makes me want to dive right in and get it done NOW, but no. It's not quite time yet. Make a list, get the priorities in line so we can get a chunk of those things done as soon as the snow melts and it drys up some.
deep breath

Colton has been home for Spring break this last week. I must have been delusional when I thought we'd see more of him than a few hours here or there.  He's been in and out, but mostly out. Which I understand - he's got his own agenda that doesn't necessarily coincide with our plans. He is 21 and all that, but still call once in a while - let us know what is going on.

Have you ever heard of pacific rose apples? Saw them at the store the other day and decided to try them. I've got to say they are probably the best apples I've ever had. Even better than honey crisp and that is saying a lot. I've been slicing them up and pairing the slices with extra sharp white aged cheddar cheese. It is the BEST snack ever! Add a little wine and a few grapes and we could call that dinner. Which I did last night. Delicious.

Not much else going on here.
later :)


tainterturtles said...

Apples and cheese sound delicious. Of course with a glass of wine.

Nikker said...

Happy Spring!! I've never thought about it having a color, but yellow definitely nails it.
I've already started making summer plans too! Mostly because my Spring lists been done for months. LOL!
Mmm Mmm Mmm, apples and cheese!!

Ami said...

Robin's egg blue.
Yellow is great in daffodils. OUTSIDE... but in the kitchen it would be an assault on my eyeballs. :)

I LOVE spring blossoms, all our cherry trees and apple trees and forsythia and daffodils and hyacinths are up... so pretty. And then add in the sunshine and you have a happy Mental.

I like Pacific Rose apples, too. We get a huge variety of different apples here.

Cheese is on my good list, too.

Anonymous said...

I love yellow kitchens! And with red and white accents would be beautiful. In my 8 years as a paint expert in our hardware store I've found that men hate yellow. Strange.

Spring Peeper. Farm
Sorry I have to sign in as anon, but Google won't let me otherwise.

Nicole said...

Never heard of pacific rose apples. sound good though. I was just thinking an apple sounded good earlier :). Those kitchen color combinations sound great! My kitchen is green and yellow (John Deere... lol)