Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sunday AM coffee

The bowling party was a lot of fun yesterday. I don't know why we don't bowl more than once a year because we sure have fun doing it. My only question is: Why does it give me such a sore butt? Bad form (which I have - I can't hardly keep the balls out of the gutter)? Need to add a few dozen more squats to my exercise routine? No idea since I really know nothing about bowling, but man is my bum sore today.

After the bowling extravaganza we came home and put the very last pickup load of next years wood in the basement. It's unbelievable how much wood we've gone through this year. Let's hope this last bit of wood will carry us through until it warms up, otherwise I guess we'll have to actually use the propane furnace or you know start burning furniture.

I was really feeling pretty good until I got outside in the cold and helped with the wood. Now it's a cough-a-rama.
Hardly slept at all last night and I'm sure no one else did either with the nonstop racket as I hacked my lungs up.
Lovely, just lovely.

I had a sharp wake up call the other day when Chyann brought home a catalog of class rings. CLASS RINGS?!?!?! OMG! She'll really be graduating in a mere two years. How's that for an OMG moment?!
Deep breath.
No deep breaths at this moment.
The catalog sure has some beautiful rings and OH MY are they expensive. A low end plain jane ring is about 275! Then start adding your choice of metals, stone, engraving, ect and the price goes up astronomically. At this point she doesn't know if she even wants one and says a lot of kids in her grade are not going to get them.
Colton got one and almost immediately outgrew the size and never had the desire to have it re-sized so it sits in a box, never to be worn again.

I never had one. Did you? If so do you still wear it?
I know two adult women who still wear their class rings. Does that mean everyone else has lost theirs or just lost interest in wearing them so they are like Colton and have their rings stored in a box as a treasure from their youth?

Back to the graduation thing. Chyann already has big ideas for her graduation party. She says she's making a list and will have it perfected by the start of her Senior year. Only thing she'll tell me for certain right now is that she "wants her family here". She says no family came for Colton's graduation and she wants them HERE for hers. Well. Guess we'll see.


Ok. ok. ok.
ENOUGH with the COUGHcoughCOUGH already.

Happy Sunday to ya :)


Ami said...

I had a class ring. I wore it for my senior year. Now it sits in my jewelry box. It really is lovely, too.

Bowling always made my right forearm sore. I can't bowl now, of course... no knees. :)

Please feel better, that coughing crap is horrible. Go see a doc for some cough syrup if it keeps you up at night, it's worth it.

Aunt Krissy said...

I hear you all the way up heere!
I never had a class ring, just was not into school so it did not mean a thing to me.

Nicole said...

ha, so I wore my mom's college class ring until we were able to get our own. Then I ordered mine. They made it to big for my finger and that summer I actually lost it, partially because it was too big. So it had a warranty and we could pay (it was small) whatever the price was and get it replaced so my grandma paid the price to have it replaced for my birthday that year. 2 weeks before my replacement ring came in, I found the original in my mom's closet. Well I convinced the jewelry company to change something about my ring so I actually have both rings. But they both sit in my jewelry box.

tainterturtles said...

Oh no Kellie, sorry to hear you are suffering from a cold. You need to eat lots and lots of onions and garlic during the winter works!!!

Class ring? Never wanted one cuz I thought they were ugly. Instead, my parents let me pick out an Opal ring from the local jeweler....OMG I'm still wearing that ring after 36 years. Take Chyann to the jewelry store. For $200-300 you can get her a beautiful ring that will last forever. Tell her Lisa said so!!!

Lisa said...

I have a class ring, but it just sits in my jewelry box also. I wore it for a few years then I outgrew it. In other words, got fat.