Saturday, March 15, 2014

A Blue ribbon day

Our school had a Dr Seuss week recently and Caden won first place in the potato contest!!
Potato contest you say?
Basically take a potato and somehow make your favorite character from a Dr Seuss book.
Caden chose the Cat in the Hat from the first book - the one where the Cat has a fancy cleaning machine with many arms to clean up the house.

Imagine his surprise when they announced he had won first place!
He was so thrilled!
Even won a HUGE box of cheesy gold fish crackers as first prize and received a blue ribbon! 

As the temperatures yo-yo between freezing and above freezing we are steadily loosing our snow pack.
So much so that Chyann came home from school the other day and announced she was riding Jenny.
DaddyO said nope too much snow.
Of course she argued and said no there's not and decided to take Jenny on a walk instead.
He said sure try the backyard, see how far you get.

Snow up to both of their knees.
She had to concede that he was right - too much snow.
If the snow wasn't moved during the winter it is literally that deep all over our pastures, yard, trails - everything.

My favorite picture of them.

Course behind the barn we had moved some snow for the horses to get around and she snuck in a quick ride there

I've got a jewelry party to go to today - at 1030a. 
Who in the world has a "wine and bling" party that early in the morning?!!? 
Then I'm off to town with Chyann to hit the mall -
yuck I'm not excited about that at all.

Colton is home for spring break now, it'll sure be nice to have him home for longer than 24 hours. 

I'm off :)

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Nicole said...

Today was back from our Spring Break, yuck! Enjoy the time while Colton is there!! hehe Chyann is funny, I'd have snuck one in too... lol. Soooooo awesome for Caden! I like his potato!