Saturday, March 29, 2014

A cat tail and more

Another week is done. 
We had rain on Thursday that made our snowy driveway extremely treacherous.
Caden fell and waxed his buns twice on the way up to the bus stop - OUCH!
Course the rain turned to snow later in the evening and we got a nice sluchy inch that froze overnight.
Supposed to be in the 40's and 50's this weekend.
Let's hope so, get this snow gone!

Yesterday after school Chyann and I found these little cuties.
Their mother is Pumpkin pie, that stray kitten we found about 18 months ago. She comes and goes so we hadn't seen her in a while and didn't realize she was pregnant. 
She has got to be the dingiest cat ever. No idea why she wouldn't have the kittens up in the loft of the barn in a bed of hay, instead she had them in a pig feeder with no bedding to speak of and exposed to the weather. 
When we found them they were super cold and barely alive.
Course Chyann was determined this was a rescue mission and we had to save them.
Yes, I'm a sucker because they are now in my house.
We happened to have some orphan kitten food so we mixed that up and put them on a heating pad to help warm them. Pumpkin came too and she was not interested in those kittens at all. Like she had decided they were too far gone or something. I think they may not have eaten at all they were so weak, but really perked up after they had some formula and even more when their body temps had come back up. 
Then their Mama decided she was interested in them.
Which is good. I sure didn't want to have to had feed them on a full time basis.
Interesting enough that dark colored kitten has on a tiny stump of a tail and one of the white ones has this little curly stump of a tail. That one with the orange on it's head has the only normal looking tail. Other than the tail abnormalities they appear healthy. 

I wonder if they are Manx type cats or even Japanese bobtails - I guess those are typically white or calico colored. Both types of cats are basically genetic mutations.

Anywho, Chyann has been a little baker recently and last nights experiment was a tie dye cake mix. 
Sure looked pretty before it went into the oven, but they didn't rise much and were a pain to get out of the pan after they were cooled so one layer was a bit mutilated.

She was a bit disappointed it wasn't a perfect looking cake, but it did taste great and was fun to make. 

Caden is in Madison watching one of his friends compete in the State wrestling tournament. 
I'm sure he'll be coming home having decided he needs to join wrestling too. 

Later alligator. 


Nikker said...

Mmmmm, cake!! (0:

I'm glad Crazy Ol' Pumpkin Pie decided to take her of her kittens. We lost our barn cat year before last and tried to raise her kittens...disastrous. And heartbreaking.

We got snow this week too... Where's our Spring?!?

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh! They are so cute. If I was closer I'd take them in ( yes, I'm the crazy cat lady)


Nicole said...

Oh those cakes look pretty. Is that the one you were referring to like my zebra cake? So one way to warm animals up, sounds weird but run them under warm water. I know it sounds weird but I've seen it work oddly enough. Glad they warmed up though! I've also thrown calves in the floor board of trucks and lambs in front of fire places with blow dryers on them, but we learned the water thing with puppies. Our neighbor was a dog breeder.