Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sunday AM coffee

We spent most of the day yesterday shopping for an outfit in town for Chyann.
Shopping used to be fun and easy.
Not so much anymore. 
High point of the day was eating at Panera bread again.
I had the Napa almond chicken salad sandwich and am now totally jonsing for MORE!
Spent some time this morning googling a recipe to copy and think I found one that's pretty close. 
Can't wait to try it - YUM!
But back to the shopping. 
She decided on a simple dress with a flowing knee length skirt in the most gorgeous shade of midnight blue.
She looks absolutely lovely in it.
We are really looking forward to the induction ceremony on Wednesday.

Caden arrived home late last night from his trip to Madison.
His buddy Walker took 1st as state wrestling champion!
YAY for Walker! 
I said Caden would be totally jacked up to start wrestling now and he is. 
Guess we'll see how his physical therapy for the severs and osgoods go. 
Don't think I mentioned that, but he has had two sessions now and it seems to be helping some.
Basically because he favored his right foot so much (severs) it put more stress on his left knee - which got the OSD, which in turn goofed up his right hip. 
His hamstrings are so tight that it also throws everything off. 
Stretching and strengthening is the plan in PT.
I measured the marks on the wall yesterday just to get an idea of how much he's grown and see it's damn near 2 inches from middle of Oct until now. Now that's some seriously fast growth. 

Pumpkins kittens are doing well. 
They are some loud little buggers - yowling and meowing.

Random picture from about 2008 I think. 
They grow up so fast.

Have a nice day :)


tainterturtles said...

I remember those shopping days with my daughter....yes, it takes all day.

I think Caden will be great at wrestling, but didn't know Colfax had a wrestling team!

Aunt Krissy said...

hey, I'm going to have to try the apple and cheese. I love them both together, just havent done it for years, kind of forgot.
counting days!

Anonymous said...

Baby, Those apples do sound good. Those cats are so little and cute. So glad they perked up. Do you have to feed them, hope the mama is taking care of them.
The cakes did look pretty. Am happy Chyann is wanting to do things in the kitchen. I love all of you Mom

Nicole said...

Darn, it sucks that favoring one has hurt the other. Mark has the same problem with his legs. For a minute I forgot what she'd need a dress for and was thinking prom... lol. But it's the honor society right??