Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sunday morning coffee

Yesterdays jewelry party had me dazzled by all that glitters so I was easily persuaded to have a party sometime in the next three months. 
Today I'm kicking myself.
Sure they had some lovely stuff, but man o man I didn't/don't NEED any of it and now I have to have a party?

The ear piece on my new glasses broke this week and I have to wait seven to ten days for the new parts to come in. I'm stuck either carefully balancing the broken glasses to avoid getting dizzy or having them fall off and wearing my old ones with the super scratched lenses. Maybe I should just wear my sunglasses all the time and avoid all that. 

Chyann and I went to Panera Bread yesterday for lunch. 
They have the best soup and sandwiches!
Loved their food, we'll definitely be going back there soon.
Had a fun, but exhausting day shopping with Chyann and was very glad to get home to park my arse on the couch for the rest of the evening. 

Casper giving Chyann's cat a good sniff.

When I was a kid we lived in Wasilla, AK and down the road lived a girl my age.
We became fast friends with our mutual love of all things horse related.
Course as lives change and families move we lost contact. 
I think the last time I heard from her or saw her was in the early 80's.
For some reason I got to thinking about her and decided to do a little internet search for her.
She was pretty easy to find and I found that she writes a blog too.
However her blog is more a story of her life by chapter.
It's been interesting reading about her life and who she has become.
 I haven't gave any indication that I know who she is - that we used to be childhood friends.
I don't know if I will either. 
Something to think about anyhow.

Have a nice Sunday.


Aunt Krissy said...

I have never been to panera, but I remember one time up here in AK telling someone I worked at PenAir and they thought i said Panera and they were so excited that one was in ANC. We will have to go when im bak home in WI

Ami said...

One of my families gave me a Panera bread gift card for Christmas. I was SHOCKED at how expensive the food was, at least in our local one.

If I hadn't had the gift card, I wouldn't have ordered food. Ridiculously expensive.

It's sort of interesting looking people up on the internet. Amazing what you can find out about them.

tainterturtles said...

I like Panera Bread too!

I love that picture of Casper and the kitty...priceless!

Anonymous said...

That is cool u found a long lost friend. Sometimes the internet drives me nuts, the way it invades our privacy, but other times it's just so cool!

Cute cat/horse pic!

Oh, and I always get wrangled into hosting parties so don't beat yourself up.

Spring Peeper Farm.

Nicole said...

Hmmmm interesting, that you found your childhood friend like that. I've found a few through facebook, but that's about it so far :).