Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sunday AM coffee

Oh yeah.
Still sick.
I can't quite get over this crud.
Even broke down and went to the doc. 
Got antibiotics for the sinus/bronchitis crap.
I am getting better, however quite slowly it seems. 

Course Monday started out at -30* - one of our coldest nights yet and throughout the week we've really warmed up. Today may even take us to 45*! 
The melting has begun in earnest!
Our forecast has only 30's and 40's on the horizon and no overnight's below zero.
I heard earlier in the week that before this weeks warm up we'd had a stretch of almost 60 subzero nights and that this is the third coldest winter on record.
I believe it.
It's been a brutal six months.
The great lakes are over 90% frozen and because of that the weather patterns will be slow to turn warm for us as well. Funny how those huge chunks of ice can effect the weather eh?

Anyhow - picture from March 2012 and wow wasn't it dry that year in March.
Casper pushing Jennifer around.

I'm not sure what ol' Scotch got into or did to himself, but he's got two nasty gashes along the right side of his jawbone. What a pain in the arse that has been to clean and doctor up. 
Casper found some burrs and got them tangled up in the long hair (picture a beard about 3-4 inches long) under his jaw. It's a knot of burrs all the way down to his skin. I put some MTG on it yesterday hoping that it might loosen the burrs up so that I didn't have to shave that chunk off and leave him with a sizable bald spot, but when I went out this morning the knot hadn't loosened at all so I'll be shaving him after Chyann rolls out of bed. 

Speaking of Chyann.
My darling daughter has been nominated for our schools chapter of The National Honor Society!
How's that for wonderful!?!?
We are very proud of her. 
The school is having a big induction ceremony the first week of April for the kids who have been nominated.
How exciting! I can't wait!

later :)


tainterturtles said...

Congratulations to Chyann for being inducted into the National Honors Society. Be sure to tell her she is welcomed to work her community volunteer hours at the Colfax Public Library!!!

I bet you'll be feeling better very soon Kellie, especially with the weather warming up.

Nicole said...

Congrats to Chyann! That's awesome! And yey for warmer weather. I'm ready for it! And I'm like you I have this crud that I've had for going on 6 weeks. I can't quite shake it.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Chyann!

Aunt Krissy