Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday AM coffee

Boy yesterday was a long day.

From 8a till after 6p we hung out at the school watching basketball, working the concessions and then cleaning up. 

A decent end to the season for the boys as they won 2 and lost 2.
I've managed to misplace my score sheet so I don't have the exact totals, but the games they won were by 15 points or more and the games they lost were by about 10 points. 

One of the teams that beat them were just shitty in their sportsmanship.
For example when Caden or one of the other boys would bring the ball down as soon as they got to half court all the other teams boys would start chanting BALLBALLBALLBALLBALLBALL very loudly. 
Sounded like they were saying BAAABAABAABAA like bunch of damn sheep. Then when our boys would take a shot they'd freaking scream AAAAAAAAHHH!
Really pissed me and the other parents off.
Why would their coach think that was acceptable behavior?

The team had a great season and learned a lot. 

Once again I was proud to have my big kids looking on and rooting for Caden and his team.
I know it meant the world to Caden having them there.

We've got double digits below zero coming for this next week.
No chance of the snow melting anytime soon apparently. 
Stay warm :)


Ami said...

If it's league play, the governing body needs to hear about 'sportsmanship' like that. It's utterly appalling. Bunch of assholes. Can I say asshole on your blog? If you don't want me to say it, delete my comment, I won't be offended.

But it really pisses me off that anyone would think it's okay for people to act that way at what's supposed to be a fun game.

Sorry about the freezing weather, it's just been a crappy year for cold.

tainterturtles said...

Ditto to Ami! How can the coach allow that kind of bad. Wow Kellie, that was a long day yesterday. Hope you can enjoy today.

Aunt Krissy said...

How did the thing at work go?
Were the parents of that one team joining in the chant?

Nicole said...

Sadly some people think it's okay to have poor sportsmanship, especially at a young age... which sets them up for that at an older age.