Saturday, February 8, 2014

Yadda yadda and more

Another week done and I actually slept in a smidge this morning. 

The days are getting longer and I have been flipping through the seed catalogs that have begun arriving.
My current quest is to find some trees that are fast growing for a privacy type screen that we can plant at the top of the pasture, inside the fence line to shield us from the road because the county folks cut all the ones North of our fence down last fall in what they call a measure to allow the sun to melt the snow/ice that may develop on the road. What a crock of shit. Cut the trees down in front of my house, but not the neighbors 50 yards to the East? We'll see how they like my trees after I get them planted and growing.

Speaking of trees or wood rather, we are going to have to put a second additional load of wood in the basement soon. All I can say is it's a damn good thing my Hubby is a planner ahead type guy and we already have next years wood stacked outside or we'd be screwed. There is no wood to buy around here and you sure can't get out in the woods to get any at this point with all the snow on the ground. Add in the propane and natural gas shortages in our area and it's been a long ugly winter.  Not to mention electric bills! Holy shit!! Ours was literally four times what it usually is - grumble grumble grumble.

Another mile stone passed at our house recently - Chyann driving alone. oh my. I was alright with her doing it from the get go, but Daddyo not so much. When he finally let her, he came in the house after she left and said "Our baby has really grown up" - sniff sniff.

As the HS basketball season winds down towards the end every game counts and the school puts on quite the before game show with the pep band, dance team and cheerleaders performing.
Chyann has been to everyone and at last count has 12 blisters on her hands from drumming so much.

Somehow managed not to get a picture of the whole band playing as I was too focused on trying to get my camera to take a decent picture from across the gym. 

Even though Caden's season has one game left there was a recognition type presentation during last nights half time for his team which was pretty cool. 

Not a lot on tap for this weekend, which is nice for a change. 
I think I'll do some baking. 
Maybe try to figure out the sykpe thing and call some friends. 

Have a nice day :)


Ami said...

Our city cut down our lovely honeysuckle hedges several years ago to put in a sidewalk. As it turned out, they didn't have to, they could have cut them back. So now we're stuck with this ass-ugly arbor vitae.

I have government 'we know what's best for you' shit. Grr.

tainterturtles said...

The kids are growing up too fast. Chyann driving? No way.....

Aunt Krissy said...

You go plant some trees. I will help if I'm there in time! Can't wiat. We can send Chyann out on a run for us to get cold sodas! XXOO

Nicole said...

Okay so my dad told me one time that when you have a kid, from the time you have them until their 18th birthday, you have 936 weeks with them. Isn't that a nice thought..... more like scary! And poor Mark gets half that or less with Tori. So the thought that your baby is growing up just made me think about what my dad told me.