Saturday, February 15, 2014

This and that

Happy Saturday! 

We busted our buns uncovering the last of next years wood supply, loaded it in the truck to and put in the basement this last week. The snow drifts around the wood pile were as hard as cement which of course made the whole process take even longer. Whatever tho, just glad we had the wood there.

We've had sickness here too - strep and bronchitis for Caden and some funky 24 hour stomach bug for Chyann. Lot's of fun. I'm  hoping I can avoid both illnesses - fingers crossed. However somehow I did  wake up yesterday AM with freaking pink eye. No idea where that shit came from.

The boss at work sent out an email request yesterday to put in for any vacation time we wanted off from now through Labor Day. All I could think was - are you kidding me? Plan a vacation or time off that far in the future? Yeah, not us. So I guess I'll have to take what I can get when the time comes.

My gal pal Krissy gifted me with all her glorious plants when she went back to AK last July and I've been slowly killing them all. 
Sorry Kris - hope you didn't want them back when you return because there probably wont be much left of them. I am trying to revive them though. Even went and got some miracle grow plant food, hoping that with give them some spunk back. Caden even asked me why I couldn't grow a house plant when I could grow a huge garden of food - the answer to that is a mystery to me as well.  

Thursday Chyann and I had to do some doctoring to Jennifer.
She managed to acquire a nasty gash on her left hind lower leg. 
It was tricky trying to thaw the frozen blood off her and get the wound cleaned up, but we managed.

The ponies seemed thrilled we were hanging around outside for longer than it took to throw feed and do a basic once over.  

Casper raced all over! 
Some of the snow was up to chest, but he jack-rabbited right through it. 

When I was in AK my SIL came home from the store with some fantastic locally made dip called Kenai dip.
I've been totally jonsing for more of that dip ever since!
There are quite a few recipes online that I've found and tried, but nothing quite as delicious as what she had.
Today I'm going to attempt to perfect my own version of the dip.

have a good day  :)


Ami said...

That first pic of the horse getting a kiss on the nose? VERY sweet picture. Love it.

It sucks when half the household is sick. The other half has to try to help take care of them...and avoid getting sick at the same time.

I am terrified about getting pinkeye, when I get it it happens SO fast and then there are great globs of green goop within an hour or so. :::shudder::

Hope everyone(including Jennifer) is feeling better soon!!

Aunt Krissy said...

Rose knows how to make that dip!

Can you keep the plants alive till June?

Lisa said...

When you figure out how to make that dip make sure you post it!

Nicole said...

Yeah I'm not sure how people plan that far in advance. Same with us, we don't plan like that. It freaked me out to plan my wedding... Not. Even. Kidding. That was 7 months....