Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Oh yes!
It's was near 40* today! 
Felt like about 60* though - it was just that NICE! I'll take it!

Yesterday's storm was a bit of a dud. Sure we got a few inches of snow to add to the approximately 50" that has already fallen this winter and the wind blew crazily creating more drifts in the driveway BUT we can handle it because SPRING is going to come! 

We spent the afternoon hauling and unloading hay for the hay-burners.
Gypsy is coming through this winter looking good - a little round but healthy for a gal her age. 

It's light until almost 6p now, gaining a few minutes a day.
In less than a month and we'll be turning the clocks ahead an hour - can't wait.

Have a nice evening :)


Nicole said...

Um... I'm sorry, you said 50" of snow? !@#@#$%#@^$#&$%^ :). Wow. I thought we had a lot with like 10 ha! I'm not even sure we hit that really :)

tainterturtles said...

Oh man, I missed it! 40 degrees??? Well, at least I got to walk to the post office once today.

Aunt Krissy said...

I read about the OSD, every sport they listed is something that Caden likes! Hope with the 2 month break that he will be able to heal.

Miss you. going through stuff tonight.

Ami said...

I am glad to live somewhere that it doesn't snow very much or very often.

Your horsie looks fat and happy. Sort of like me. Only your horse doesn't have wrinkles around her eyes. :)