Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sunday AM coffee - OSD

Aah Sunday.

My Kenai dip last night didn't meet my expectations, however it was the best of my recent attempts.
3 cups shredded extra sharp cheddar cheese
1 cup mayo or miracle whip - I've tried both and either will do depending on your taste
1tsp garlic powder or more to taste
4 chopped fresh jalapenos with most of the seeds left in
1tsp cayenne pepper
1/4t liquid smoke
Eat on/with crackers, crusty bread or corn chips.

Seems the kind I had in AK maybe had cream cheese in it tho.
Still on the hunt for a good recipe.

Ever heard of Osgood-Schlatter disease otherwise known as OSD?
Well I'm pretty sure Caden has it in his left knee.
It's a similar condition to the Severs disease he has been coping with in both feet only it's in the knee area.
Growth plates, growth spurts, bones are longer than tendons/ligaments/muscles, self limiting - be active till it hurts too bad to participate, will take years - until he stops growing - to resolve.

to say the least.

Poor kid is beside himself.
All he wants to do is play sports.
Football, basketball, baseball and had recently been thinking about wrestling because there isn't any running and jumping involved, thinking that would be a good sport to spare his feet course now with the plumb sized knot on his left knee this sport is absolutely out of the question as he'd never be able to kneel on the mat.

Basketball is about over thankfully - this coming Sat is the last tournament and he'll have a solid two month break until baseball starts. 
Do some healing and growing in that time period so hopefully he wont be so sore/miserable when the season begins.

just before he hit his first home run last season


Big storm coming tonight.
Guess we are in for 7 - 10 inches of snow and more rotten wind last I heard.
Supposed to go in the office tomorrow for my yearly review, think I'll see if I can't get that rescheduled because I bet the driveway will be plugged.

later alligator 


Ami said...

One of my guys at work has that. He manages pretty well, and his older brother, who also had it, seems to have outgrown most of the problems.

Hope things get sorted out for him soon, as much as he loves sports that just really sucks. NOT fair.

The dip sounds too damn spicy hot for me. :-D

My favorite dip has cream cheese, sauteed teeny little ham chunks, cheddar and a bit of smoke flavor. You serve it hot with crackers.

Nicole said...

Dang, the poor kid can't catch a break! I've never heard of either of those conditions until now. you're educating me but sadly it's because you guys are having to deal with it. I hope things get better!!!