Sunday, February 2, 2014

Basketball fun

 Another fun filled day of basketball!

 Game 1    28 to 17  - win
Game 2   27 to 18  - win
Game 3   42 to 27  - loss
Game 4   27 to 21  - win
In all Third place in the tournament.

Caden was often double covered and had to really fight for the ball.
He did really well staying out of foul trouble today.

All the kids were there so they rotated in and out really fast.
Only being on the court about three minutes at a time, which is good and bad. 
Good because Caden had some achy feet and a sore hip flexor and bad because just as they were getting into a rhythm it was time to rotate out.

I got a jacked up at the end of the tourney though. 
They handed out the ribbons and Caden didn't get one. 
He comes over to me, looking a little teary and said that the coach told him he couldn't have one.
Course I'm like WHAT! and immediately march over to the coach and (probably too sharply) say What is going on with Caden not getting a ribbon?!?!
He as a deer in the headlight look and says we only get 12 ribbons and we have 13 players so someone at every tournament doesn't get one.
I said well I think that is something you'd better explain to all the boys so NEXT time no one has their feelings hurt for not getting one.
So he calls all the boys over and says we only get 12 ribbons and two boys didn't get them from earlier tournaments and today it was Caden who didn't get one. If any one didn't care about having one they could give it to the one who didn't get one. 
About half the team tried to then give Caden theirs, but he wouldn't take any of them. 
Freaking pissed me off I tell you.
Would have been nice to know earlier and HELLO at the other tournaments we almost always had at least one player missing so it wasn't an issue. 
Grumble grumble grumble.

Deep breath...

Only one more tournament in February then we are done with the season. 
It's a home game and apparently the parents have to work the concession stand, time clocks and score boards. Not exactly looking forward to that because I'd rather watch the game, but ok I'll pitch in.

Chyna and her buddy.
Aren't Chyann's new glasses cute?

Superbowl Sunday today.
I'm looking forward to a good game and don't really care who wins. 

Happy Sunday :)


tainterturtles said...

Seriously Kellie, that's a bunch of bullshit with the stupid ribbons. I'm sorry Caden had to go through that. It reminded me of years ago when Chris was in track in HS and he went to the practices and went to a couple track meets and waited and waited to run. The coach finally told him he wasn't going to have him compete in the track meet for some stupid ass reason. Chris quit track...he was so frustrated, and never did any group sports again in school.

Anonymous said...

Kellie! great job!! wow.. that's an impressive month you had. Wish I could motivate... Ok.. I'm going to try.. got to get Bill on board too :-)


Nicole said...

Choose scoreboard or time clocks, that way you can watch the game while working!!

The Superbowl game was sad! Really sad!