Friday, February 21, 2014


That little mild spell was over way too quick.

We are back to crappy weather...

Only got about 10" of heavy wet snow last night that knocked the power out for about seven hours and broke a lot of branches from my precious trees. School was cancelled AGAIN and brought winds in excess of 50 mph. Thought I was going to get a PTO day when I got up at 515a and still didn't have power. Texted the boss to let him know, went out to feed the animals and was just getting back into bed at 555a when the power came on. Of course then I had to rush and scurry around to get started for work on time. lol Oh well, I didn't really want to use a day off for snow anyhow.

Where exactly do I live again? You'd think it was Antarctica or that we weren't used to this type of shit weather in WI. I think for me I'm just tired of this winter. It's been too long for me already.
Soon grasshopper spring will arrive.

Last basketball tourney tomorrow. Can't wait :)


Aunt Krissy said...

So sorry that you all are having such a hard time with WX this winter! But part of me is really happy that I'm here in ALASKA having mild winter!

tainterturtles said...

This is getting really old. Makes a person want to take up drinking, hee, hee!

Ok Aunt Krissy, stop rubbing it in our face. We know you've been sun bathing in the beautiful weather in ALASKA! Can I slap her Kellie???

Nicole said...

Ah I know the feeling of wanting power. I was getting ready for school the other morning with no power. Called the power company (only people without it). At 7:30 we lost it, when I got home around 4:30 they still hadn't been out... assholes.