Monday, January 6, 2014

AK 4 old friends

A little more on the AK trip. 

I saw some ladies that made a huge impact on my life.

Had the a wonderfully long lunch with the gals I used to work with. 
We talked and laughed so much. 
Just like old times. 
No kidding some days I'd drive home from work thinking my face was sure sore from smiling so much during the day lol
How's that for fun?

We told old work stories and had a blast. 

It's funny I dream about these folks all the time. 
We are (almost) always at the old hangar on the lake working away. 
I love these strange dreams. I wake up in the morning feeling like I just had the best visit with them and other folks we worked with. 

And then there are these lovely gals. 

My favorite neighbor ever and sister in law. 

It's funny because Charity and I met through the kids.
My kids would be in the back yard and so would her's.
The boys would be playing their game boys sitting next to the fence talking so we were like why don't one or the other go over so they don't have to talk through the fence and can actually play together. 
And that is what started my best friend experience. 

We did almost everything together. 
It was so much fun.
Scrabble in the back yards, drinking diet pepsi and smoking. 
Making dinner together and drinking corona. 
Learning to sew and perfecting our sewing - one Christmas we set up our sewing machines at her house and sewed up a storm for all the families. 

Hardest thing about leaving AK was telling and then leaving her. 
It was the worst. 
Knew it would be a good thing for our family, but I hated leaving/being without her. 
We were like two peas in a pod. 
Even loved music growing up - Duran Duran of course. 

And we did keep in very good contact for about the first seven or eight years after I left. 
Then we just kind of fell out of touch, which was strange considering when I saw her in AK it was like I never left, like we had talked just the week before. Same thing with my Sister in law. We always talked, then it just tapered off - no idea why. Time I suppose. We get busy doing the here and now life and don't take enough time to maintain what is not right in front of us. 

And strangely enough she ended up moving just down the street from my Brother and his family and they all became like family to each other as well. Helping each other and taking care of each other. 

Thanks to all of you ladies for all that you've contributed to my life. 
You've all made a difference in who I am and who I continue to be. 


Nicole said...

Aw, sooo cool you got friends like that! I thought I had friends at work but when they let me go they all quit communicating with me but one. Sad day!

Charity Chamberlain-Reopelle said...


Charity Chamberlain-Reopelle said...

Random thought...with regard to the boys..I will never forget you telling me NEVER to Google Pokémon..Do you remember that!! Bwahahaha!