Friday, January 31, 2014

31 days

Back in November I was running my mouth to a few of my gal pals, saying I'd like to do a no drink January. Why I'm not entirely sure.

In December we talked about it again and decided to do it. Make it a contest - First one to drink has to buy the others lunch as incentive. 

31 days of sobriety. Could I do it? I don't think I've not drank for such a stretch of time since the last time I was pregnant 11+ years ago - I never drank, not even a drop when pregnant just so we are clear.

That first week was brutal. All I could think about was drinking - literally. Was it because I really wanted a drink or because I simply couldn't drink? I do not know. I was sure I'd hear any day that my friends hadn't been able to pull it of and we'd be done with this ridiculous idea of mine: the no drink January and I'd be happy about it.


If we were really going to stick this out I decided to incorporate the no drink January with a cleaning of my lifestyle habits. Eating better and getting my buns back on the exercise train. I started wearing my pedometer again because I like the fact that I could see how active I was in relation to the inactivity that has plagued me since my surgery and made it my goal to get a minimum of 10,000 steps a day. I managed to actually get 10,000+ steps every day but one. Found an app for my Kindle that I could track my eating and exercise progress. It's blows my mind to to see what I put in my mouth actually equals calorie wise. Tracking food is a huge help for me. Also seeing that all the bread and potatoes that I practically based my whole diet on are so horrible in the amounts I was consuming them - you know those fried potato sandwiches? Yes definitely NOT the best thing to be eating on a regular basis. Reading labels has become my thing. Since I don't eat a lot of meat, don't drink milk or eat eggs at all I need some kind of protein in my diet. The best kept secret for protein in my mind is Greek yogurt - love that stuff. 

Second week was easier, not much but a little. Loosing some weight even. Beginning to think that maybe I could actually do this. 

Third week. HOLY CATS! Three whole weeks not drinking. Exercising a minimum of an hour a day. Eating well and healthy. 

Fourth week! can we all say almost done and feeling freaking triumphant!

Now I am contemplating this last month. It was surely a struggle not to drink and I am comparing it to the difficulty of when I quit smoking. I feel good though. I've lost 10 pounds.  Back to a happy weight that I haven't seen in years, one that I like and makes me feel good about myself. 

So whats next? No idea. One day at a time.


Ami said...

Good for you!! That's awesome.. all of it. I am not a drinker, but it's not some lofty moral thing, I just don't care for the taste. I did smoke for about 18 years off and on, mostly on, and quit for both pregnancies. Never started up again after baby #2.

I'm applauding you from Oregon.. can you hear me?

Aunt Krissy said...

Great job kellie, and I know just how hard dropping 10lbs can be too. Proud of you. And you're a non smoker to booot. So are you going have a drink now and then?

Nicole said...

Awesome! I gave up drinking in October and I haven't lost a pound :). ha! You're not a vegetarian are you?