Tuesday, January 7, 2014


It's incredibly cold here.

The kids are on their second day off from school.

Yes, I consented to having blankets hung over the big windows in the house to help keep the heat in.

The horses are all locked in the barn. They don't like it much, but I'm guessing it's a whole lot better than being out in the blustery wind chill that has been reported to be down to -60 a few times these last 48 hours.

The barn cats have a heat lamp in their cat house and are all snuggled up together. They don't seem to mind having the horses in the barn.

With the wind the driveway drifted in so much that the UPS man actually walked a box down to the house yesterday. If it were me, I think I might have just driven on by. No box is worth frost bite.

Hopefully we'll be seeing some above zero temps soon.
Stay warm :)


Nicole said...

I think this is hitting the whole country. We're in the single digits and below. That's frigid for here! I heard the West coast is above normal temps and we're supposed to get up to 34 degrees today.

Anonymous said...

wow... sorry about that! we've been in the 20's and 30's for a while now. The high in Anchorage yesterday was 39 degrees! felt like spring. If I was home while it was still daylight, I would have washed the truck!
hope it warms up soon.

Ami said...

I hope you warm up soon... it's been awful all over!! Scary cold.

Nikker said...

Just catching up on my reading...
Sure hope you're through that nasty cold! How miserable!!