Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wednesday not wordless

Two more snow days for the kids due to the freezing and blustery weather. 
And boy let me tell you it was cold out!
Both Sunday and Monday night we saw temperatures between -20 and -25 then add in that rotten wind and it was anywhere from -40 to -60!

It doesn't really matter how cold it is out when you have animals to take care of though and chores seem to take twice as long when it's that cold. 
The horses were all locked up in the barn and the temp in there with all their body heat was about zero, which really wasn't too bad. Now if I could only keep them from poopin in the damn water - ugh.

That freshly fallen snow proved to be a hell of a drift maker too. 
My hitching post is about buried.

The snow boy dug himself a hole he could stand up in. 

Somewhat warmer weather for the rest of the week thankfully. 

Consensus on my dishwasher is that the cascade pods I use didn't fully melt and clogged up the drain tube.
Easy fix I suppose, but still a pain in my ass.

I spoke too soon on Chyann not bugging us to drive now that she has her license.
I see her point - she has her license and wants to drive.
I see Daddo's point - it's been incredibly cold out and breakdowns happen easily in this type of weather.
He's convinced her to wait a bit, until the weather warms up just a little.
He is known as Mr Safety around here after all so she shouldn't be too surprised he'd be cautious on handing over the keys.

Colton made it back to school and started all his new classes.
He says they will be interesting and that he knows quite a few folks in each of them.
I'm glad he is getting to know more people - to have a network of sorts away from home.
We sure miss him not being here.

All else is well.
Happy humpday :)


Nicole said...

You're making me out to be a sissy in 0 degree weather. brrrrr! I'm so sorry you're dealing with those temps. yuck! I'm cold right now and have on a sweatshirt and jacket sitting inside a building.

~mel said...

Love the snow boy pic! When he's an old man he'll be telling his grandloves about "back in the day" when the snow was up to his chest :)
Stay warm ... spring will come eventually. Only a few more months of this to endure.

Anonymous said...

Bill is in Northern Minnesota right now visiting his dad... the coldest its been here in the last week was last night.. 27 degrees. I washed both trucks outside last week it was so warm. but.. no snow!! the whole state is having this weather. on Monday, it was 61 degrees in Seward and the cold spot in the state was only -2!! crazy huh??