Monday, January 20, 2014

Free day

Got to love a paid day off from work, even if it is in January.

Slept in a bit this am. You know until 615a when I got the kids up for school.
Was pretty nice though sitting on the couch, drinking my coffee, watching the Today show and visiting with the kids while they got ready for school.

No big plans for the day. 
Maybe round up some tax crap since that is right around the corner. 
Maybe a hair cut.
Maybe some tidying up around here. 
Maybe a nap.
Maybe watch a movie. 

Interestingly enough Chyann has not once asked to drive since she got her license.
When I was a kid you couldn't keep me from driving. 
Course I had my own vehicle.
I worked at the Post Office cleaning before I turned 16 and saved up my money to buy Gerry's old purple Dodge pickup.
A thousand bucks plus my three wheeler. 
Hell of a deal.
An old friend recently reminded me that we cruised the roads of Cold Bay in that truck listening to Kiss on a little boombox everyday lol We had some great times. 

This is Colton's last week home before returning to school. 
I think he's ready to get back to it.

Big anniversary today. 
Another year of being a NON-SMOKER.
YAY me!
Sometimes I cant believe I ever smoked, but I did and I loved it.
I knew it was bad, but figured nothing bad would ever happen to me. You know - the basic mind screw we do to ourselves to rationalize our bad behavior.
Then my Aunt Ellen was diagnosed with lung cancer. 
THAT was the close to home wake up call I needed apparently because shortly after her diagnosis I quit.
Once in a while I'll think "I could sure use a cigarette" but to hell with starting that shit up again.
No way. Not ever.
There are much better ways to deal with and relieve stress than smoking.


I leave you with my dreams for summer to come:


Anonymous said...

Good morning Kellie!! I have a "free" day too. Wish Bill was here with me tho. I'll go have lunch with him in town. Plus, Friday is my day off too, so a short week for me wise.

enjoy the rest of the day!!


Ami said...

AWESOME that you're still smoke free!! How long now? I quit for the final time in October 1992. So glad I did, too. But damn was it hard!!

Hope you had a nice day off. I am afraid I was kind of lazy. :)

Charity Chamberlain-Reopelle said...

I am so proud of you..I need to kick that habit. Soon!!

Aunt Krissy said...

Good for you! I love the summer pic of the pool. Summer is going to happen!

Lyndylou said...

Summer pic looks lovely...wish I was there then :) x

Nicole said...

Congrats on the no smoking another year! I can actually say I've never smoked, not once. I'm with you about dreaming for summer. Today's high for us is 19 which has actually gone up from the predictions with a wind chill of negative 2 which also has gone up. yuck! I'm sitting in a building with my coat on because I"m cold.