Sunday, January 12, 2014

What a day!

This weeks tournament was quite a boost for the boys.
First off thankfully more than the expected nine boys showed up.
They ended up only missing one player. 

Little video of the first play in the first game.

Throwing the ball in.
Caden got a very nice compliment from the parent of another player.
She said Caden was the best all around athlete she's ever seen.
And really he is GREAT - proud parent right here.

The big kids were coerced into coming and I think after the initial crabbiness of having to get out of bed super early on a Saturday wore off, they had a great time watching their little brother play.

Caden mugging on his bro.

Triumphant team!
Second place overall!
Quite the move up in ranks from seventh place last week. 

Game 1 - 34 to 16
Game 2 - 33 to 6
Game 3 - 27 to 9
Game 4 - 35 to 12, their only loss

I tell you the boys on that 5th grade team were freaking GIANTS!
At least three of the five players that were on the court at any given time, were head and shoulders taller/bigger than our boys. So really making 12 points off them was pretty good. 

Cadens' severs was fine throughout the games however late in the third game he came down from a shot and landed funky on his left foot. 
It was sore and he wasn't as effective for the remainder of his playing time. 
Which really bummed him out.
He said to me last night that just when the severs was straightening up THIS has to happen to him.
Rotten luck for sure, but what can you do. 

Guess what tomorrow is?
Chyann's sweet 16.
Unbelievable right?


Ami said...

No one ever told me when I had kids that I was going to be so BUSY all the time!!

Funny how that works. :)

You have great looking kids. And I think it's really sweet that the big ones are going to games to support their little brother. ;)

Nicole said...

That's awesome for the boys! And happy Birthday to Chyann!!

Charity Chamberlain-Reopelle said...

Look at Caden!! Such a handsome boy!! Man, I would love to see him and Roman together!! I think they would really hit it off!