Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sunday Morning coffee

I really like my Keurig. 
Great coffee every time.


Another week of inclement weather. 
Snow, blowing snow and subzero temps.
The Hubby literally having to do the driveway multiple times a day.

Five inches of snow overnight and the wind is going to just start howling about noonish creating whiteout and blizzard conditions until freaking TUESDAY.
Course Colton is supposed to leave for college today at some point.

This is what our place looked like this morning when I went out to feed the animals at half past dawn. 

Jennifer, Gypsy and Scotch awaiting my arrival and the mornings rations.
Can't see Casper, but he is behind Scotch, sorta blending into the snow.

At the bend in the driveway.
Do you see the four foot berm to the right, in-front of the shed?
Worst place of all is right there. 

Looking up the driveway towards the road. 

Another all day basketball tournament yesterday at a town an hour South of us.

The boys won 2 and lost 2.
Not sure what place they came in as we left the school before they handed out the ribbons.
We'd have had to wait an additional hour to find out and didn't want to hang around, but figure they came in 3rd or 4th.

First game 41 to 12
Second game 29 to 24 - Caden's highest scoring game to date - he made 10!
Third game 27 to 34 - oh man this was a tough game! 
Caden fouled out for the first time early in the fourth period and was extremely upset about that - embarrassed even. At one point we were down 20 points, but they came back strong and almost won. 
Fourth game 16 to 36 - The boys literally walked off the court after the third game and onto the next court for the fourth game. No rest at all for them and the other team had been idle for two hours.
They just couldn't keep up. 
Still it was a great basketball day.
Caden's feet held up and he was only a little sore after playing hard all day.

Knocking the ball out then stealing it and going for a layup.
It was a great play!

 Caden and his buddies showing off their new matching shorts.
I think next year we are going to do a fundraiser of some kind and get all the kids matching outfits.
You should see some of the boys. They show up wearing orange shorts, pink shirts under their jerseys and other crazy mismatched apparel. I wonder what their parents are thinking to let them wear glaringly clashing stuff like that when clearly our colors are RED, BLACK and WHITE. 

A shit load of other drama here, but ugh - shaking it off and moving forward. 

Happy Sunday to ya :)


Lisa said...

I love my Keurig! I got it for Christmas. I had a Tassimo but didn't like it so I gave it to my mom.

You guys have lots of snow also.

Anonymous said...

Hang in there Kellie!!

love you.

Nicole said...

Gotta love Drama, NOT! Cool they won 2 of their 4 games though!! Sounds like they played hard and that's what counts! We had to pick Tori up in Tulsa (2 hrs from here) and after she cheered at 4:45 we had to wait until 7 for the results. We had no choice. it sucked!