Saturday, June 29, 2013

Baseball stories and the number 42

Another week flew by!

Highlight of the week was the double header up in Clear Lake.
(two 5 inning games)
The day dawned foggy with 96% humidity and all that humidity totally juiced up the atmosphere so that when the fog finally cleared and the sun came out we were primed for some major storms.

The sky got dark and it stormed for so long I was sure the games would be cancelled. 
When they were finally over the driveway was washed out again.
What a pain in the ass. 
The Hubby has decided against "fixing" it until we can get a few loads of gravel in here. 
So, beware if you are coming to my house - the ruts are deep lol
Also we've got some free kittens if you are interested.
Just a few of the beautiful babies.

Anyhow back to the story

When we got to the game it was about 80* with incredibly high humidity.
Of course blogger is not letting me upload videos again today!
What is up with that!!  GRRR

Suffice to say that Caden is first up to bat and hits his very first home run!

He fairly flew around the bases!
Now that is how you start a game!

Watching the action.

Checking out the all important play book.

Warming up for his second time up to bat.

First game won 7 to 4.

Second game Caden pitched three innings.
He gets in the zone 

and lets it 

The other team only got three hits off him.
They won 9 to 2!

Have I mentioned how much I love baseball?!?!?
It's awesome!

Yep, I had a Birthday.
42 good years.
Course the Hubby got me a cake that said 29 - again!

I can be found today mowing the lawn and weeding the garden.
Broke the riding mower on Thursday and will be using the push mower - good thing I don't have too much left to do.
In one week the garden went to pot with all this rain.
Weeds galore - ugh. 

Planning on a little ride this evening as well. 

Have a wonderful day friends!


Lisa said...

Oh my! You're still a young chick! Happy Birthday! Love the tank top. I guess you love baseball. I'm not one for sports.

Kittens are cute as buttons and no I don't want any.

Nikker said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!
Congrats to Caden on his homer and great pitching!
The kittens are cute, glad you're too far away for me to take the calico. I love calico's! And grey cats. And manx. If that kitten was a calico manx... (0:

SunnySD said...

Gorgeous kitties! Congrats to Caden on a great game - he must have been fit to bust (and parents likewise!)!

Happy belated birthday - you definitely look a lot closer to 29 than 42 :)

Emmy said...

Happy belated birthday! My MIL is eternally 23 :)
So awesome he hit a home run! Sounds like he is an awesome pitcher too.

Nicole said...

Happy belated birthday!! I'd actually like a bit of moisture around these parts. We're not "dry" but we haven't had rain in a while either. Not much will make us dry!