Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sunday morning coffee

Spam is driving me nuts!
A few older posts that literally have almost a 1000 hits of spam on them.
Turned on the comment moderation to weed them out, but I tell you it's a huge pain to weed through them on a daily basis.
Any thoughts on how to stop that shit? Is word verification the only way?

Last week I saw that we had a few random ants on the kitchen floor.
Put ant traps on the grocery list. Got them yesterday.
Last night those beasties came out in freaking droves to get that ant bait!
Talk about nasty ((shudder))
Where the hell have they been hiding?

Attended a potluck last night.
Made the best macaroni salad.
Rained to beat the band for about an hour.
Good thing there were awnings to take shelter under and no wind to drive the rain at us.
Potato launchers are pretty cool. Might have to make one.
Invited a few friends over to our place afterwards.
Had a bonfire until 3am, it was a beautiful night.

Coffee is good today.

Blustery this am.
With any luck the wind will dry out the ball field and the boys will have practice this afternoon.

The price of a 1000lb bale of alfalfa for the cows is going from $100 to $300 bucks.
A bale of grassy horse hay is up from $65 to 150 bucks.
We'll be making some big herd reduction decisions soon.
Not a good time to be a hobby farmer. Hmm.

The field next door was finally planted on Thursday.
Course it rained so much Thur/Fri/Sat that it washed out parts of the field.
They may not be having much come up.

Deaths and desertion.
Pain that never healed.
Pig headed-ness.
Absolutely nothing I can do to influence the situation.


Thinking about the weddings that were held yesterday.
Saw some beautiful pictures on facebook.
The one thing I don't like about not living close to family.
Missing the big events in the lives of people I care about.
Everyone looked so happy.
Made me feel all melancholy.
Big event planned in December for my brother.
I hope I can make it.



Lisa said...

The only way to get rid of spam is with word verification. I was getting alot to. I guess I had lovers in Russia!.

Wow! Hay is getting expensive. I guess you'll have to make hard decisions. That too bad.

tainterturtles said...

We have seen those awful ants too. Those ants are everywhere.

I was just talking to someone today that has a hubby farm and she also said they can't afford the straw, hay and animal food so they are going to half to down-size. So sad.

I hope you have a good week ahead Kellie...keep drinking that good coffee!

Nikker said...

Sounds like a full weekend! We had a really big jump in hay prices about 5 years ago. Used to be able to buy a ton of grass hay for $80 or so. Small squares...just had 3 ton delivered for $180. Granted it was delivered and stacked...Hoping that my small rounds are still $35! They are only 500 lbs...
Hope you find an "easy" way to make things work.
My spam goes in waves, but I've never found 1000 of 'em at once! Pretty sure word verification is the only way to control it indefinitely. Good luck! (0:

Amanda Mae Hamm said...

Hey there! I found your blog a couple weeks ago and just wanted to say hi from Northern IL. We own about 40 acres in Waupaca County. What part of Wis you in?

Nicole said...

IMO, word verification sucks :). I'm not really sure where/why the spam comes.

Wow the hay is still really high! Rain/no rain, that is the question :)

SunnySD said...

Why the jump in hay prices, I wonder? Are they trucking it down south? Ours has been about that per ton for the big rounds, although it varies dramatically depending on quality. I talked to my hay guy the other day (again, because he wasn't sure he'd get one of his grass hay fields this year) and thankfully I WILL be getting hay, but might need to get a few of last year's bales, as well.

Saw some of those "she-can" bales at the feed store last weekend - you know, the half-size bales that "she-can" lift? - and they had $13.99 marked on them. PER bale!!! For about 35 lbs of hay. Criminey!