Sunday, June 16, 2013


Yesterday was incredibly muggy.
Not really exceptionally warm - only about 75*, but you could feel how heavy/thick the air was.
To me it felt "juicy" almost like you were breathing in water laden air. 
Does that make sense?

Anyhow, with high humidity came the expected storm and boy did it just pour!
We lost power for about four hours and entertained ourselves with some heated games of UNO. 

The horses were out back mowing and thankfully just stood there during the whole storm. 
Once in a while when a huge crack of thunder came they'd flinch, but that was it until the storm ended. 

Can you see the river of water flowing down the driveway and the small lake in the corner of the pasture?

Yeah I know, we still haven't gotten the elm stumped, but it's on the list!
The LIST is currently HUGE.
One thing at a time, it'll get done - I'm practicing patience here folks. 
And if you are wondering what the tan thing is? 
That is Caden's bow and arrow target. 

The rain floated a bunch of balls around the pasture too.

After the storm it was absolutely gorgeous out!
Blue skies and no wind.

Not the best picture of the new ruts in the driveway, but they are quite deep in some areas. 

The kids had to play in the puddles of course.

Big rut by Shasta. 

Gypsy and Scotch

Jennifer and Casper

The barn was flooded and is now an incredibly sloppy mess.
Why walk through that mess?
Because she can loose her shoes, then her balance and fall down in the muck.
yuck :)

Waiting for the power to come back on.
Poor babies can't handle no flushing toilets and no wi-fi lol

Tomorrow starts summer band lessons for Caden.
9 to 930a! 
Why schedule it during the day when people freaking work?
I'll be using 1 break and my lunch to run him and a buddy of his, into town for the lessons.

And today is Fathers Day!
A big brunch is planned, but other than that and RIDING HORSES not a lot going on here. 

Happy Fathers Day to you all out there!



Nicole said...

Haha, I'm like you, I sometimes wonder why they schedule things during the day when most of adults work. My parents were able to run me around when need be as a kid most of the time plus we had my grandparents but I know there are a bunch of people who don't have that luxury. I think we got your rain storm, or else we sent it your direction one. We got slammed Saturday night. And I might get annoyed with no wifi and lights but the flushing toilets and water to wash my hands are the things I need :)

tainterturtles said...

Wow, can't believe you lost power. It also looks like you've gotten more rain then us. As for flushing toilets, you need to go camping with me Kellie girl! I'll will show you how to rough it!!!