Monday, June 24, 2013

Caterwallin' Cows

Now you'd think on this ONE Monday morning that I did not have to get up at the ass crack of dawn that I could sleep in JUST A LITTLE BIT wouldn't you?
Yeah, not so much. 
These caterwallin cows started bawling at first light.
Why you ask?
Because the neighbors loaded about 30 cows with two bulls in his pasture across the road and our ladies are in heat. 

All damn day and now into the evening the caterwallin' continued. 
It's enough to drive you absolutely bat shit nuts!
I'm sure our neighbors to the West just loved us today.
Yeah well I can't stand their barking dogs either so I guess we are even.

Deep breath.
Check it out some lilacs are blooming.
They smell divine.

I told Chyann last night that it was going to be a scorcher today so if she wanted to get a ride in we'd have to go early.
She says sure Mom, but I don't want to get up before noon.
Who is this teenager that stole my early bird little girl?
I waited till 1030a and told her I was going without her if she didn't get her buns moving.
She very reluctantly got with the program, but was definitely not in the best mood.
I think the look on her face says it all - put the camera away MOM!
Jeez what a crabass.

It was freaking hot/humid, but beautiful.

I rode Scotch bareback and was literally soaked from the waist to my ankles. 

Everywhere we went was wet too.
Enough of the rain already.
My Dad says you farmers are never happy, never enough rain or too much lol
True story, right?

Caden had a baseball game in town tonight and for the first time I forgot to put the damn SD card in my camera and could not take any pictures.
The boys did great though.
9 to 1
Caden pitched two innings and did very well, with only one boy walking to first.
Wednesday they've got a double header in Clear Lake.
Now that promises to be a super long night. 

Sweet dreams.


Nicole said...

AH, the sullen teenage years? gotta love them right? And this humidity, where did it come from, just whap and it slaps you in the face.

Ami said...

I don't love living in the city, but I have to say I've never had horny cows yelling outside my door. :)

I have been trying to get up early-ish. But not at 5, the way I do during the school year.

Screw that.

Nikker said...

Great ride pictures, smile or no smile. Sure hope it dries out for your farmers!
I'd take a bawling cow over a yapping dog any old day!

Aunt Krissy said...

SOunds like it's a bit loud at your house right now. I too am tired of this wet heat. Work has been keeping me very busy. So far 18 hrs of OT for this pay period.

No word on the house yet. Hope ot hear something today.

Love you and miss you. Krissy

SunnySD said...

SO green there! I bet your humidity is off the charts, but I miss the green. Between the wheat turning gold already for harvest, fallow fields, and the dry that's set in, things are turning pretty crunchy here. Still green in spots, but not as lovely and lush as up north.

Horny cow alarm - lol!!!