Saturday, June 8, 2013

Pretty as a picture

During our stormy weather last week a window was left open and the wind blew a picture off the wall. 
The glass got cleaned up, but the frame and print were carelessly tossed onto a chair. 
Pumpkin decided it must be a good napping area.

Last day of school was yesterday.
All A's except for a B in math for Caden and a B+ in History for Chyann!
Excellent report cards!

Now the summer awaits.
Be nice if we got some warm/hot weather.
I think last week we made 60* only once. 
It was wet, dreary and gray.
Need to mow that ever growing lawn again this weekend.
The Hubby thinks we are in for an Alaskan summer.
Which all things considered isn't a bad thing, but certainly doesn't make for a HOT summer.

The folks who are interested in Casper are coming over around noon today.
I asked Chyann if she was really alright with selling him and she has assured me that she is.

Colton is about back to normal - eating, drinking and no pain pills in days. 
He plans on going back to work Monday. 


Happy Birthday to Krissy!

Love ya lady!!
Hope you have a fantastic day!!

Later folks :)


NNN said...

Would give anything to have an Alaskan Summer... We are so dry in this part of Colorado and it's too damned hot - was 100 at noon today and supposed to be hotter tomorrow!! So is it tugging at your heart strings to get rid of Casper?

Nicole said...

Those do sound like great report cards! So glad that Colton is feeling better. When I had my wisdom teeth removed, I remember being hungry but not being able to eat. Finally it took me an hour but I ate a cheeseburger :).

SunnySD said...

Now that's fine art - self framing, too, lol!

Great report cards, and free for the summer. Snow day make-up, or does school always run this long?