Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sunday Morning coffee

Another GREAT Saturday.

The folks that were coming to look at Casper had something come up yesterday morning so we rescheduled for later in the evening. 

Which worked out for me so I could get ALL the mowing done.
Weeded a few flower beds.
I had to replaced four plants in the garden due to misadventure - horse stepped on one and Caden somehow forgot I had planted the garden and ran over several on the corner when he was sweeping the yard with the three wheeler. 
The Hubby got the pool all ready to go.
Chyann and I had about an hour before the folks were due to arrive so we took a quick ride. 
As we were coming home we see a small bus pull into the drive way.
That's them. 
They've got five kids in age from 14 to 4 - hence the need for a bus I guess. 

When we got back to the house I took our horses and Chyann went to get Casper.

Never had Casper been so well behaved lol
No kidding, he is a great horse but he was exceptionally sweet.

Chyann brushed him and got him all saddled up. 
Two of the little girls, age 5 and 6, are taking riding lessons so they had an idea what to do, but Chyann walked with them in the yard and up/down the driveway anyhow. 
Then the Dad led Casper with the younger kinds.

They were real interested in the fact that Casper also pulled carts.
Chyann stated since it had been two years since he had pulled a cart and that this wasn't the time to demonstrate that he could - he would need a bit of a refresher.

The Dad picked up all his feet, look at his teeth and played with his ears. 
I think they really liked him.
They'll let us know.

After they left Chyann said she felt he'd have a good home with them.
And he probably would, but at this time (they used to have horses) he'd be the only horse and I'm not sure how he'd deal with that.
I don't think that he's ever been "alone". 
Something to think about. 

All those little girls in love with Casper brought back so many memories of when Chyann was little too.
Had to take a walk down memory lane.

Early spring 2005, Chyann was about seven here.

Also 2005 - sure wouldn't recognize Caden would you? 

Colton at 12 with his beloved Lucky and two cats - Fluffy and Sweetie I think.

My lips feel sunburned this morning and my forehead is red.
It was so nice yesterday - felt good to be outside.

Course today it is windy and rainy.
The forecast is for temps in the low 80's this next week, summer temperatures may finally be upon us. 

Have a wonderful Sunday!


Ami said...

Sweet photos!! It's so strange to look at our kids when they were small and then to see who they are now. I wish it didn't go so fast.

It does sound like a good family match for Casper.

Lisa said...

Awww..cute pics! Did they buy the horse?

You're lucky, we had remnants of hurricane Andrea. Which means 60mm of rain.

tainterturtles said...

Wow, I love the kids photos. It's always fun to see those younger pics of the kids....they sure grow fast.

Nicole said...

I know summer weather has met us here! upper 90's this week. yey.... I love that picture of Chyann! This is also why I love pictures. My grandma always tells me she doesn't need a camera because she has the memory, but we can't see her memories.

SunnySD said...

Awww... such cuties, all of them - isn't it amazing how fast time and kids grow?

Sounds like a nice family :)